34/52 – Flower burst (apped doodle…)

I’ve been managing to do some doodling this past week. This week’s image was created from a photo of one of those doodles.

Here are a few of the doodles…(excuse the poor photo quality.)

And here’s something to think about;




  1. Beautiful. Glad you’re managing to do something for yourself.

  2. LOVE the crazy colours of the photographed doodle 😀 And I’m so glad to hear you felt up to getting creative again! The doodles are cute, and the Dahl quote… too true… Need to ponder on what I believe again, exactly… 😉 x!

    • Thanks for stopping by Yvonne 🙂 sorry my reply is so delayed.
      Yeah, I agree, we need to examine our beliefs regularly…

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