36/52 – Escape


Rather dropped off the radar again haven’t I?
Each new year I think to myself – this year, things can only get better. Yet life has, pretty consistently, usually proved me wrong. It’s not a recent thing my viewing life as an endurance test, it’s taken a while for me to realise it! This is mostly because, despite the lifelong battle with depression, I’m an optimist. Yes you read that right – depression isn’t all about NLP, I try to see the good side, think positively, live in the moment, have a myriad of strategies to help to boost my mood. My depression – and I’m not at all unique – is usually a brain chemical thing. (Obviously I’m not perfect, sometimes I feel down because life overwhelms me. That’s often a Fibro brain sensory overload thing.)

So yeah, off the radar. Usual stuff combined with too much of it. Then on Sunday my family persuaded me to make an escape attempt. I have a static caravan in North Wales. It’s on a farm in the middle of the welsh countryside yet only a 15 minute drive from a small market town. Very quiet and restful. A total escape. My hayfever has been bad – caused hideous vertigo for a couple of days last week, and the consensus was that the change of air would do me good. I managed to get here, to Wales, on Sunday afternoon. Usual irritants of opening up after being closed for 7 months, (despite my best efforts to get help/organise stuff before I came) plus a leak and other water problems. But although I know it’s going to take me weeks to recover from the ’adventure’ of getting here, I’m also pleased that I managed it. Every year since being ill I think – is this worth it, considering how little I can use it anymore? Last year I managed 40 something days altogether. But this is the first time I’ve been since the site opened in March…

The weather for three days has been very warm and sunny, (too hot in the van during the day to be honest and this has screwed my nap schedule so I’m even more sleep deprived than usual. Not good.)
But, there’re the sounds of sheep and cows and all kinds of birds, loads of trees and green as far as the eye can see and it’s peaceful. I’ve brought some art stuff with me and (I hope) plenty of food so that I have a while before I need to attempt a drive into town for victuals.

Too tired to do much so last weeks photo is late. My goal to attempt to create a photo/art blog post every week for a year has stumbled…not important I know, but a tad disappointing nevertheless.



  1. I’ve just come back from a week in Herefordshire in a lovely cottage owned by a friend (so ridiculously cheap). I go each year. This was the first time I wasn’t sure about going as I’ve been so tired, plus for the first time my brother and his family joined me for the first four days. It was very hard in places with the 2 children. They seemed to be on the go constantly. But my sister-in-law was great in making sure they gave me lots of time to myself, and they cooked, washed up, etc. Bobby and I then had 2 days to ourselves, which was bliss. Although I was disappointed that I could no longer do the long walks I used to do, I still managed some nice, gentler ones. And most of all, just having the change of scenery in a v quiet village with no mobile or internet access was hugely restorative.

    enjoy your holiday

    • Thank you. Sorry your break wasn’t as relaxing as usual, although it sounds like it still worked some of its magic. (Know what you mean – love seeing friends/family but conversation etc exhausts me to a ridiculous extent. So frustrating…)
      Its true – a change of scene and less/no internet etc is a tonic. Hope you’re doing as ok as possible πŸ˜‰ X

  2. Yay for your courage, yay for getting away πŸ™‚ I really hope it proves worth it… I LOVE the shades of green in the photo, and I hope you find some peace there! x

    • Oodles of thanks πŸ™‚
      Still here, doing the attempt at hibernation thing πŸ˜‰ all those lush greens are good for the soul.

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