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thank you for wanting to know a little more about me. The image above, like most of my art was created on/with my iPhone.


  • Who was I?

An artist, a designer and a teacher. I started out at the age of 18 as a graphics technician working for the Careers Service. Then I was a Primary school teacher moving in to special educational needs as my career progressed. I’ve been a teacher governor and an art coordinator in two schools. I’ve worked in a variety of schools, organised events, taught abroad, have an honours degree in Art, Craft and Design and also qualifications in Display, Design and communication, among many others..

…and I’ve always firmly believed that we need more creativity in our lives.


  • But now…

Since becoming ill with fibromyalgia, art and the act of creating are quite possibly the only things keeping me sane. (Along with the community spirit of the online world.)

into the fire pain image

I’ve always had a love of technology and tended to be the go-to person for technical help, so when I had the opportunity to own an iPhone I jumped at it. My physical limitations mean that I can no longer hold a brush for very long, if at all, so a creative tool that;

  • can be used with just a finger tip
  • can also be used any time and almost anywhere…
  • requires no preparation or clean-up
…is like a dream come true. These days I’m lucky enough to have an iPad as well and together with my trusty laptop this means that my muse can find a creative outlet, of some kind, most days.
Tree iPhoneography

I have a weakness for trees…

This blog and website is the beginning of my journey to try to share my creative experiences and my disabled life– in the hopes that more people can discover the healing powers of the creative arts.

self care is not a luxury

At times there may be more of an emphasis on my health than my visual artwork – hope that’s ok with you dear reader? If not, my apologies and gratitude to you for stopping by this page and reading. The creative emphasis will most often be on mobile art and photography – as these are the tools I’m most able to use due to my disabilities. If you want to bypass the health updates pop over to Nourish Creativity, a fledgling attempt to share creative ideas that I and some friends started in 2013.

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  • The easiest way to see all of my artwork in a more organised form is to visit my Flickr photo stream. Though due to the nature of this wretched illness nothing anywhere is totally up to date…


As with everything I’m far from organised when it comes to selling my artwork and designs.
Despite this I’m a pro seller at Zazzle and there are some things available to buy, click the button to find out more. (It is very disorganised at the moment, sorry.)

Buy custom artwork and designs.

Thanks for reading. Have a happy day and may your muse be with you.


Bright Blessings, handwritten signature

iphoneography selfie


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