30/31 – AWOL

“Don’t do that again!”

“Was it too scary?”

“No it wasn’t too scary. But it was…a bit scary.”

– My giant, during a re-telling of Jack and the beanstalk, was apparently a bit too full on…


This didn’t start out as one of my iPhone photos, it was taken by my cousin and he uploaded it to Facebook. I’ve been doing that a lot this week – playing with other people’s photos. Because…

…my muse has forsaken me. Sensory overload has contributed to fatigue and my need to create is withering.

The BlogPad pro app just lost a whole post 🙁 cant manage to write it all again. For now, here are the images from this week. Created from a photo that my 8 year old cousin took of herself using the front camera on my iPhone.





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