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Its okAgainst all odds, and with help, I have managed to escape to Wales. (Yay!) The temperature has dropped, (Boo!) The cell signal here is very poor and sometimes disappears altogether. My means of getting online consists of an ancient O2 dongle with a GiffGaff sim, hanging from a curtain rail in the only spot in the van where the signal is strong enough sometimes to be able to connect to the net. A 3G signal is a miracle that occurs once in a blue moon. I’ve got software on my laptop that turns it into a hotspot so I’m still able to use my iPad, although everything is of course very sloooooooooow. This is just to let y’all know the reason why I’m not online much right now.

The caravan site season is April to October. At the end of October the van has to be closed down for the winter. Soft furnishings vacuum packed or covered up. Fridge cleaned, emptied and switched off. Food dates checked and sorted to see what will need to be taken back home. Electrical appliances unplugged and stored away. Salt in plastic containers get left all over the place to absorb as much of the damp as possible. The water gets turned off and everything drained down and made as safe as possible for when things freeze up here. (The central hearing is filled with a toxic mix of water and evil green anti-freeze stuff. Hopefully the couple of leaks there’ve been over the years won’t have diluted the mix too much.) I get help with some of this stuff, but the rest I have to manage myself. Seeing as it takes me about two weeks to recover from just getting here, this all often seems overwhelming. Last year I wasn’t well enough to get here until the last week of October and it near finished me off for good. So please pray for mild weather for me, so that I have the time to pace myself properly and get it all done. (I used to be able to do all this in a day. Boy life has changed so much it’s hard to believe.)

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  1. Hope you have some time to just enjoy being there in between doing all the things that have to be done!

    • Thanks 🙂 Hope so too 😉 I want to attempt to split the jobs up into little manageable pieces so I can try and view it as a holiday as well. So long as the weather cooperates (wonder if they make passive caravans? lol) I’ve got until the end of the month. Pinkies crossed…
      Thanks for stopping by. I really really need to find a browser that lets me comment on your blog. Its like the comment gods hate me!

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