A little ray of sunshine in my dark world

Coffee and bacon barmA little ray of sunshine on Friday when I took Mum to the hospital. As I’m not allowed to visit, (my weak immune system etc make me too vulnerable,) I wait outside in my car. On Friday though it was a lovely sunny day and Mum suggested I slowly walk to the hospital cafe, get a drink and sit outside in the courtyard in the sunshine. There was a special on – a bacon barm (which is a soft bread roll) and tea or coffee for £2.75. I decided to throw caution to the wind and ignore the fact that my body isn’t terribly fond of wheat, and bought the special.

Aintree hospital courtyard

Aintree Hospital courtyard

The icing on the cake though was the fact that one of the cafe staff noticed my walking stick and carried everything outside for me, without me asking for help…so kind. It was lovely out there, a perfect light breeze and just the right amount of shade. It was bliss…

Then I bought the same for Mum when she returned from the ward and she told me how well my aunt is being looked after.
Swabs are being taken every day and a microbiologist studies the results to decide exactly what antibiotic will be administered intravenously that day.

No smoking signThey’ve also taken photos to help to keep a careful and accurate watch on exactly what is happening with the infection etc and the vascular consultant is hopeful that they can save her legs.

Super lamb banana aintree hospital

There’s a ‘Super Lamb Banana’ there!

Oh and here’s another little ’gem’- the DNs were using totally the wrong kind of dressings too…the negligence is just mounting up isn’t it?



  1. yay for a great day finally! glad to hear your aunt is getting better treatment! *phew* what a relief. I cannot believe how she was taken care of before. wow.

    sending love + healing vibes from Canukland to you and your family! xoxo

    • Thanks sweet friend, you’re very much appreciated <3
      Yeah, even the staff at the hospital are horrified, and going by what many have said, this isn't an isolated incident. Hard to believe they (the district 'nurses') get away with such negligence...

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