Apps to play with: Magic Fairy and Photofunia

I use my phone to relax…it’s pretty much used as a creative tool more than it’s used as a phone. A camera and massive selection of art programs that also enables me to communicate occasionally. Recently I’ve been playing with this app,

Magic fairy app icon

After I’ve made a fairy I like, I play with it in other apps. After using: ‘PhotoShop Express’, ‘Colour Lake’, ‘Waterlogue’, and ‘Image Blender’ it looks like this,

Purple traveller fairy

But of course I rarely stop there…next I had a play with this app,

Photofunia icon

There’s an online version of this app too, and they’re both lots of fun. Here are just a couple of examples;

Once upon a time fairy tales book

Photofunia billboard image

Fun huh? What things do you do to relax?



  1. Wow, these sure look like great fun! Should I check them out or shouldn’t I? (no need to reply it’s more of a monologue 😉 )

    • 🙂 Color Lake is fun, and I meant to upload a little video I made with this image…(it’s on my YouTube channel)
      The Fairy app is cute, but I’m not sure I’d buy any of the extras as it’s quite limited. Though it is fun to play with and then put through a variety of other apps!

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