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My nerve pain is really bad right now and I was about to listen to a relaxation hypnosis app – one for health. Then i remembered the Pain Killer app. It uses various binaural beats to help with a range of pain and actually helps.

Pain Killer 2.0 app

iTunes screen shot

This isn’t a detailed review, its 5am, I just wanted to put this out there in case it can help anyone.
I have a variety of relaxation and/or hypnosis apps. Some are frankly rubbish, but some do work. I’ll try to mention the ones that help me over the next few weeks, as fibro body allows.
As I’ve been writing this I’ve been listening to the sleep+pain combo and my pain has definitely dialled down a couple of notches.Pain killer app icon
Binaural Beats were discovered back in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. It wasn’t until the late 1960s that they became seriously researched. The overall effect is – certain frequencies cause the brain to react in certain ways. This can mean releasing natural pain killing endorphins into the body. It’s no longer theory – these effects are scientific facts.

Quote comes from the information provided in the app. For more information on this app and the others in the series here’s the link to his site.



  1. very interesting. .. and i hope it helped you get some sleep too!

    • It did…and I’m using it each night when I get into bed for 30mins, and sleep has been slowly improving a little. Pinkies crossed!

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