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Being housebound much of the time, the net has become my lifeline and it’s through Twitter and (ick) Facebook and the community at that I’ve made friends and been inspired.
When my muse is frustrated with the limits of my fibro body a surf through my Twitter timeline or jumping into the galleries at iPA and Flickr are usually enough to tempt her back to my side.
But what inspires other artists?
What do they do when their muse goes AWOL?
I could ask them.
So -– there’s the start of the idea.
Also I often subscribe to blogs and groups, but I run out of time trying to read it all and sometimes just give up because it all seems too much.
So -– the second idea, keep it brief.
I invite talented artists to send me an image of their most recently finished art and to answer two questions;
  • What inspired you to create this piece?
  • What do you do when your muse goes AWOL?
I enjoy reading their replies. I hope you do too. Click to read their answers.
  • If you create art and are interested in taking part, use the contact page to let me know, or just go ahead and use the online form to make your submission.Submission form
  • Or email me – Sandra at – using the @ symbol instead of the word of course.
There are some super fab blogs that interview visual artists by requesting their answers as images, I’ll add a list of them to this page soon.
If you’d rather have your images speak for you, then complete the Picture Prompts interview instead of musing about your muse. To download the Picture Prompts, click this –Picture prompts pdf
If you’d rather subject yourself to more detailed/personal questions from me – which is also fabberooney – please use the contact button to get in touch.
I really really really like hearing from and discovering new artists – so please do get in touch.
Thanks oodles.

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In addition to their answers,
what else can you do when your muse refuses to visit?
…and on a side note –
Did you know that there are professional muses? Gosh…


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