A few weeks ago the sky did this:

 fluffy pink clouds

Reminded me of the skies in North Carolina. I saw some amazing sunsets while I lived there, and was told that they were caused by all the pollution from the furniture factories…no idea if that’s true? Hope it wasn’t, because I don’t want to think the air quality here is going downhill.  

I did quite a bit of playing with the photos I took that evening. The quality of light as we turn away from the sun can be very magical. More images soon.

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Some WIPS.

…that’s Work In Progress. Not sure where these will end up going, if anywhere.   

 …or perhaps they’re fine as they are. A series of sorts, as they all started out the same…

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From this:

To this:

Crosby beach, Burbo bank. No iron men visible…

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I use my phone to relax…it’s pretty much used as a creative tool more than it’s used as a phone. A camera and massive selection of art programs that also enables me to communicate occasionally. Recently I’ve been playing with this app,

Magic fairy app icon

After I’ve made a fairy I like, I play with it in other apps. After using: ‘PhotoShop Express’, ‘Colour Lake’, ‘Waterlogue’, and ‘Image Blender’ it looks like this,

Purple traveller fairy

But of course I rarely stop there…next I had a play with this app,

Photofunia icon

There’s an online version of this app too, and they’re both lots of fun. Here are just a couple of examples;

Once upon a time fairy tales book

Photofunia billboard image

Fun huh? What things do you do to relax?

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