AllergiesToday’s blog challenge word is ‘Priorities’

It feels as though my life is ruled by my health – or rather lack of good health. This is even more noticeable during the summer months when my hay-fever kicks into a higher gear.

There’ve also been far too many very hot days here for a country that has yet to embrace air conditioning in domestic homes, so I’m too hot indoors (plus my nap schedule is screwed) and I’m too miserable due to my allergies if i sit outside. 

This rather has me resenting my body, something i tend to do too much of as it is, add to that the periodic depression that’s sneaking back and self care is getting somewhat neglected. We’re socialised into thinking that self care/doing things *just* for ourselves is selfish, that we should be constantly thinking about others rather than ourselves. But if we do that and neglect ourself – what do we have to give? At the moment i feel like i have nothing, my energy is so low. So i need to remember the words of wisdom from Marigold and the Sustainably Creative lifestyle that Michael is working at and sharing.

Self care



  1. Hey I got a note from my pharmacist about an allergy medicine I was taking! The medicine was called “Nasonex” . Well, they (whoever) just learned that Nasonex caused headaches, fatique, muscle aches, tendon and joint aches, sometimes nausea. Gee, sounds like fibromyalgia to me!! So, I quit the stuff and I feel much, much better. I have half the pain and barely any fatique (and I’ve cut way down on my coffee intake lately). But, I just wanted to mention it because maybe your allergy meds might be adding to your fibromyalgia symptoms. I still have fibro. (cause when I get up in the morning I still feel like I’ve climbed that mountain all night). But if you are taking allergy meds, call your pharmacist and check out the side effects, you might just want to have the allergies rather than the side effects of the medicine. Or is the medicine making the symptoms of the allergies seem worse? Just a thought.

    • Thanks 🙂 I’ll have a look at the info leaflets. I take an antihistamine – which I’ve taken since i was 6 years old, and use a nasal spray. I know that the nasal spray causes a multitude of side effects to lining of my nose but life’s just too miserable without it. But I will do some research, thank you.
      The neuro med that I take for pain – gabapentin, causes fatigue and a dry mouth, but it works on the pain in a way that nothing else does so I’m a bit stuck. Keep hoping they’d hurry up and develop a better way to treat pain than opiates and meds that have other uses and the pain killing was a side effect that surprised them. SHows how little we understand the brain.
      Very pleased for you that you discovered something that made such a big improvement to your symptoms. My Mum’s going through something similar at the moment, she was on so many meds but feeling so ill that she decided to investigate for herself. Through trial and error she discovered that she’s been allergic to half of them…
      Thanks for stopping by and reading and taking the time to comment 🙂 sorry for the delay in replying.

  2. Sandra, finally I get it over here 🙂 We just got a puppy and this is a priority! Thank you for being part of my Blogchallenge at

    I work with women who have body and health issues as well. When I guide them to find their true purpose these issues normally get lighter. So maybe that could be something that would be a great way?

    Without wanting to be salsy but you can always contact me to create your Dreambook arround your health and you will get a 60 minutes Reading and lots of insights, clarity and next steps.
    Just drop me a line.

    By the way: I simplified my Blogchallenge and from Monday 5th we will meet only once a month. Here are the topics for the rest of the year. I hope to have you again! Love and light, Andrea

    5th: Courage
    2nd: Intuition
    7th: Value
    4th: Abundance
    2nd: Word of the year 2014

    • Thanks for stopping by Andrea, monthly sounds much more ‘doable’ 🙂 Lots of luck with the new puppy! X

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