A few weeks ago the sky did this:

 fluffy pink clouds

Reminded me of the skies in North Carolina. I saw some amazing sunsets while I lived there, and was told that they were caused by all the pollution from the furniture factories…no idea if that’s true? Hope it wasn’t, because I don’t want to think the air quality here is going downhill.  

I did quite a bit of playing with the photos I took that evening. The quality of light as we turn away from the sun can be very magical. More images soon.

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Some WIPS.

…that’s Work In Progress. Not sure where these will end up going, if anywhere.   

 …or perhaps they’re fine as they are. A series of sorts, as they all started out the same…

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From this:

To this:

Crosby beach, Burbo bank. No iron men visible…

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I use my phone to relax…it’s pretty much used as a creative tool more than it’s used as a phone. A camera and massive selection of art programs that also enables me to communicate occasionally. Recently I’ve been playing with this app,

Magic fairy app icon

After I’ve made a fairy I like, I play with it in other apps. After using: ‘PhotoShop Express’, ‘Colour Lake’, ‘Waterlogue’, and ‘Image Blender’ it looks like this,

Purple traveller fairy

But of course I rarely stop there…next I had a play with this app,

Photofunia icon

There’s an online version of this app too, and they’re both lots of fun. Here are just a couple of examples;

Once upon a time fairy tales book

Photofunia billboard image

Fun huh? What things do you do to relax?

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 instax prints as fridge magnets I recently made some fridge magnets out of mini instant photos.  fridge magnet idea

 I decorated the edges with washi tape and stuck a small strip of magnetic tape to the back.

Here’s one of the images before printing;

Slow progress quote

This is something that I’m pretty much repeating like a kind of mantra at the moment…the curse of the chronically ill! 

The next quote I chose is as vital to remember as the title of that book “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.”

Positive thinking quote

I didn’t have any washi tape that would go with this one, so left it as it is, just putting magnetic tape near the top on the back.

keep calm style fridge magnet 
I found some cute little ready made frames on eBay, made out of Kraft paper, which have just arrived. I think I’ll take the tape off this and slip it into one of them. The frame will no doubt work best with magnetic tape at the top and bottom. (I’ll take a photo and update this when its done.)

As usual, both images were created on my iPhone…how did I live without my iPhone? It’s pretty much my go-to tool for almost everything these days…a life saver. I used the ‘Keep Calm‘ app and the ‘Stationery‘ app. 

I printed them straight from my phone to my utterly awesome cute little Fuji Instax printer. Did I ever do a review of that? Must check…if not I’ll write one, because it’s great. 

For other ideas about how to display instant prints, have a look at my Pinterest board. 

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Review_sticker.JPGI go through phases on photo sharing site Instagram, sometimes I use it a lot, sometimes there can be months in between visits…well that pretty much describes most of my habits these days, everything varies. A lot. However I use it though, the app is very user friendly and it’s a great way to keep up with the life/art of people you like.

Earlier this week I came across this site,

Sticky 9 logo

They make fridge magnets from your Instagram photos, or any photos as this screenshot shows,

Sticky9 screenshot

They make other stuff too, a cute frame that holds 9 magnets so that you can swap and change the display, square prints…

Sticky 9 products 

Sticky 9 other products

Prices include worldwide shipping, (love it when places do that) so I decided to try their photo cards. I usually get my cards printed at Moo, but the idea of cute square cards appealed to me. Sadly the page I used to choose the card option didn’t show this photo,

Sticky 9 greeting cards

…if it had, I’d have realised that the cards were actually quite big. My fault for not looking through the whole site first etc.

The main problem wasn’t my fault though. More on that in a moment.

One of my favourite apps is ‘Touchnote’ another printing service, but one that’s designed to send personalised cards and postcards made from your photos. You buy credits. One credit gets you a postcard and includes worldwide postage and the quality and speed are top notch. Their app, like many other printing services I’ve used, has a built in tool that tells you if the image you’re using is too small. 

If an image is too small/low resolution then the print will be blurry and pixelated. Many online printing places just don’t allow you to use images that are too small because it compromises the quality of what they’re producing. 

As a general rule I only post very small images, this is to prevent copyright theft. A small image stolen from my website or wherever will look ok on a screen, but if the thief tries to print it, it will look terrible. Occasionally I forget, this is true of some of my earlier artwork uploaded before resizing became second nature (and easier due to having found a great app to do it with.)

I was doubtful that my Instagram feed would have images big enough, but the magnets looked pretty small so I figured that the cards would be too, and so I had a go. Assuming, (tut tut) that the site would tell me if an image was too small.

It accepted all the images I tried! (Yeah, I know, this should have warned me…) so I chose some favourites and paid with Paypal, making the whole process really quick and easy. I ordered them on Thursday and they arrived today! Yay!

You know what’s coming next I bet…

Packaging cards from sticky 9

Firstly the cards were bigger than I expected. No big deal, just not quite as cute as I imagined. The quality is fine, much better than the likes of Vistaprint or BonusPrint, but not quite as lush as Moo. 

Polaroid style sticky 9 packaging

Alas though, some of the cards are unusable due to the image having been too small. They are blurred and pixilated. I’ll play with them, adding other media on top, but it’s such a shame! 

Greeting cards

Card by sandra lock

Would I use them again? Yes, I think so. The prices are reasonable and so long as I make sure I use images from my photo albums that I’ve checked are big enough, all should be fine. 

Blurred image card example

With the addition of an image size checking doodad Sticky 9 will be a great site for releasing your online photos into the world.Sticky 9 card review

…and if you click the image above, you’ll go to the Sticky9 site. Use this code: FRIEND11E91 and you’ll get a 15% discount.


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