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Of eCourses and exhibitions…
First – 12th January marks the opening of the Twitter Art Exhibit in LA. Surf over to the main website to find out more.
I was only able to get one painting done, here she is;

Twitter art exhibit LA - Moon goddess painting by Sandra Lock

Moon goddess

Second – I impulsively signed up for an eCourse yesterday! Never done one before, well not for pleasure, so not quite sure what to expect. It’s a creative one that runs for 6 weeks and hopefully will help me to plan/organise my writing a little better than I am now. Fibro has, by necessity, made me much less organised than I once was. Mainly because plans often end up having to be cancelled.
Here’s a bit about it, in case it tickles your fancy too;

“This six-week course includes in-depth lessons, writing prompts, interviews with inspiring bloggers and absolutely everything I know about crafting a blog that truly reflects who you are.”
It’s taught by Susannah Conway, author and photographer. Find out more about it by clicking here

Christmas baubles - mobile photography

Au revoir Christmas

Here’s this weeks photo blog image. I’ve made it to week 15 of my 52 week target. Something of a record for me… The main app used is one called;
NIR color
Which adds near infrared colour effects to your images. Its by the same developers as Moku Hanga and the Artista apps and has the same UI.
After bleaching out the background and increasing the contrast with various settings in the app I imported the image into a favourite app of mine called;
Which altered the colour even more and added the border. I’ll go into more depth about the various apps that I use the most in future posts.


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