Call for artists : Project 2,014

On February 15th I’ll be (*hopefully) contributing to this project,
They’re allocating artists up to April at the moment so if after you’ve read the further info below you are interested in contributing get in touch with;
Nicola Fitzsimmons:projecttwothousandandfourteen(at)

Visit the site to see what art has been created so far this year,

Find the project on twitter: @twothoufourteen

Now here’s the extra information you’ll receive if you apply to contribute,

On each day of the year, a different visual practitioner will create a new piece of 2D work interpreting an event that has been broadcast in the news that particular day.
Each day, the new work will be uploaded to a dedicated website and posted on a linked twitter account by 9pm each evening. In the process developing a collection of 365 new works together creating a narrative for the year 2014 based on reported events.
It’s going to be a really interesting and exciting project that we are hoping will produce some engaging and unexpected results. There’s something satisfying about contributing to a sustained commitment that will evolve and grow on a daily basis.
It’s a simple concept about creating a visually and creatively diverse record, selecting and visually translating events and happenings that shape our experiences and memories of a particular year and seeing where it takes us.

The project is open in terms of how a practitioner chooses to represent a piece of news, however there are some parameters…

Main Points to consider

  • The image/ story that you choose to recreate/ interpret for the purpose of this project, must be national/International front page news or one of the main stories of that day either in the British or World press. How you interpret this is up to you.

  • All work must be created on the day you are depicting and be completed and sent to: the project email account directly or via “” by 7pm that day.

  • Work produced must not contain text and be 2D. The only text to support your work will be your name and title of the piece (both optional)

  • The work must be delivered in an up-loadable file format: J72 dpi, image size between 720px – 1000px width (we can help with this if required)

  •  The work produced will remain your intellectual properly however by agreeing to this project agree for twothousandandfourteen to be produced/ reproduced online or in print.

    I’ll post here with a link on February 16th…I hope.

    * We thought it sensible for me to have a backup artist ready in case I’m not well enough on the day to create anything. One of my lovely artist friends nini is kindly waiting in the wings ready to swoop in to help if I can’t manage it. (Even though it’s her Mum’s birthday that day! Thanks nini.)


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