I use my phone to relax…it’s pretty much used as a creative tool more than it’s used as a phone. A camera and massive selection of art programs that also enables me to communicate occasionally. Recently I’ve been playing with this app,

Magic fairy app icon

After I’ve made a fairy I like, I play with it in other apps. After using: ‘PhotoShop Express’, ‘Colour Lake’, ‘Waterlogue’, and ‘Image Blender’ it looks like this,

Purple traveller fairy

But of course I rarely stop there…next I had a play with this app,

Photofunia icon

There’s an online version of this app too, and they’re both lots of fun. Here are just a couple of examples;

Once upon a time fairy tales book

Photofunia billboard image

Fun huh? What things do you do to relax?

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This is sand…

Darn forgot I had this queued despite not having finished it! So sorry 🙁
Will finish as soon as I’m able. See next post for explanation.
*shakes fist at EE*
Some more information about the app and website, for Joni. Here’s what you see as the app loads;20140625-010306-3786578.jpg

…and your options.


This is sand app screen shot20140625-010509-3909892.jpg

If you tap the Instagram option, on an iPhone, (there’s also an android app and a desktop version) Safari opens and you see this


Make sure you go back to the capture piece option via the menu on the upper left of the workspace, otherwise you basically give up all your rights to your creation if you share it via their social network.

Tap start and you see this:

This is sand start image info

I paid the upgrade but the image captured is only 640 by 1136px which is partly why I then play with the image in something like Waterlogue to increase resolution. A lot of apps still only offer small images unfortunately. I’ve also not managed to get the app to work in landscape mode. I’m using an iPhone5. 

This is sand workspace

3 lines are the menu, circle is how to alter the colour.


This is sand colour options screen

Choose your colours. I haven’t upgraded yet.

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Quote by Ralph Ransom.
The rest of the quote is:

Before the reward there must be labour. You plant before you harvest.

Well over the years I’ve done a massive amount of labouring, planting and tending. Yet here I am still sowing tears and trying to deal with a cornucopia of wretched things…and mostly because of an awful night, the black dog arrived and I was suddenly overwhelmed and utterly defeated.
I am truly thankful that I managed a good nap and now feel less suicidal. This serves to further reinforce the massively negative effect that sleep deprivation has on emotions, amongst other things. No wonder the suicide rate is so high amongst people with Fibro.

The need for valium continues and my GP has also doubled my SSRI dose.

After three blood tests Mum’s been diagnosed with diabetes and but has to wait for yet another appointment before any treatment will begin, which will probably be in about a month. Our GP made an urgent referral for her to see a consultant at the chest clinic in early December of last year. Then rang up to try to hurry things along for mum and the appointment is…April 15th. If you’re reading this and live outside the UK, be grateful.

Discovered a new app, thanks to Instagram. It’s called ‘Waterlogue.’

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Had a therapeutic play with ‘Spinart’ last night.
Removed background with ‘Eraser’, combined images with ‘Superimpose’ then a painterly effect with ‘Glaze’ and finally various effects using ‘Repix’.
20140205-053910.jpgLots of things I need to blog about but things are tough at the moment (fallout/payback from an accident) so I’m hideously behind with everything (especially replying to email. As usual. Sorry.)
I want to post about…
…the online art project called ‘Two thousand and fourteen’ that I’ll be contributing to on February 15th,
The collages I’ve made so far for the circle swap I’m involved in,
The ATCs I’ve made for the ATC swap I’m involved in,
and other bits n bobs which are written on a (one of many) list.
But they’ll have to wait for a bit.

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Which one…

…shall I use for my Christmas postcards?

(Yes the dark one is last year’s design.)
I’ve uploaded big enough versions of these so that if you want to you can use either of them as wallpaper.
Last year I got my cards printed at Moo* but their cards are such good quality it cost me a fortune in postage for the none UK ones. So this year I’m using one of my favourite apps for the international cards, Touchnote. Yes I know I’m a bit late, but better late than never eh?

*If you want to use Moo, use this link to get 10% discount: Click for discount.
(Doing this from the WordPress iPhone app so I hope the images look ok…)

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Mobile digital art

Watching him play…

App recipe

  • Repix
  • Photoshop express
  • Camera+
  • Pixlr express+

That hand fascinates me…

Childs hand

(PS express, Big photo, Tangled FX, Glaze.)

Here is it with Tangled FX and a crop.


Not much other news…hormonal shifts are taking their toll and I’ve been unable to do much at all. This means I’ve been feeling rather fragile and my mental processes are in a dreadful state, which is freaking me out somewhat. I was unable to tune my aunt’s TV the other day and couldn’t recall how to use any of the apps that my little cousin wanted to play with. These may sound like small inconsequential things – but when they are part of the fabric of you and they slip away it’s very unsettling. This illness has stolen rather a lot of me already, I don’t want to lose any more. Hopefully it’s just menopausal fallout…

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