Here’s a love hearts image,

Love hearts

Click for high res

…and a pink background.

Pink splatter background

Click for high res, then right click to save.

Use to create something handmade for Valentine’s day.



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I just finished this year’s calendar. It’s a collection of my favourite artwork featuring trees and I’ve also added some of my favourite quotes about creativity – one for each month. There’s also space under each image for you to write your word of the month, helping you to make 2014 the best year it can be.
Later today I’ll email the download link to blog subscribers (both here and at nourish creativity) If you’re not a subscriber, use the link on the right to sign up and when you’ve done that you’ll receive a download link too.
Any problems, let me know.
Happy new year lovely reader, thanks ever so much for your support over the last twelve months. Hope you always have what you need and may your muse always be with you.
Love and light

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Bah humbug


How is it almost Christmas, and where has my christmas spirit hidden itself?

Anyway, let’s ignore my Scrooge-like mood, heres some Christmas wallpaper. Click for higher resolution. 

Iphone christmas wallpaper


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Do what you love logoThe ‘Do what you love’ website has their own version of  a review 2013/14 workbook planner, and like Suzannah Conway’s it’s free. You can find it here. Or by clicking the screenshot below.

Do what you love screen shot

I also decided after printing off and starting to use the year and weekly planners I created, that they were too dull. So here’re some brighter ones. Click the image to download the pdf.

Year planner pdf 2014

Weekly planner orange and blue

As usual: remember that these are for personal use only. (You dont want the wrath of the copyright gods messing with your karma.)

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There’s been (is) a discussion going on in the forum of Sustainably Creative about scheduling and pacing and the like. Those of us with chronic illness are trying to figure out how our limited energy works and how to make the best of the little we have.

Alison has been scheduling her day, including rest periods, and I’ve been thinking about the times of the day when my energy is at its most fragile and when the best time is to do various things. I bought a Dodo pad
last year and tried labelling each section with things like;

Self Care, Creative, Reality, Exercise.

…and it worked for a little while. I also tried an adapted version (which revealed encouraging messages as each post it was removed) of something like this,


to put on the fridge, which worked ok apart from the fact that I put too much on it. Yes, even after seven years I still don’t know (accept?) my energy limits. What I’m currently trialing is this, 

Weekly planning sheet A4

Weekly planning sheet

I either plan the things I’m going to try to do each day, or record what I actually did. (Sometimes a combo) So that I can remember what day I had a bath…or whatever. Bath days don’t include much else because they use up all my spoons. Which is a shame because they help with the pain.

Click the weekly (or yearly) plan image/s to download the PDF/s. There’s also this slightly different one,

I found a yearly planner that fits onto A4 here, and I’ve tweaked it a bit so that I can try this idea. (Some productivity advice from Jerry Seinfeld, which works just as well as a method for developing/creating a habit.)

Do t break the chain yearly planner

Don’t break the chain yearly planner

 I think it fits the needs of a ‘Don’t Break the Chain’ calendar perfectly, but if you want a more traditional look, how about this alternative,

2014 year calendar - habit creation

Alt Don’t break the chain 2014 year calendar

 I hope that one (or more) of these planners helps you, let me know if you have any ideas for edits or alternate ways of using them. Thanks.


PS- Here’s yet another weekly planner sheet…with some decoration 😉

This site has masses of planners and productivity ideas for creatives, and most of them are free to download. (I’ve also started a Pinboard on Pinterest for downloadable printables.)

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November calendar

Inspired by the monthly drawing prompt on the Nourish Creativity blog. Click the image below to go to the high resolution version, then right click and save. The artwork is a painted etching based upon a life drawing study, done during my honours degree.

November calendar free download

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