instax prints as fridge magnets I recently made some fridge magnets out of mini instant photos.  fridge magnet idea

 I decorated the edges with washi tape and stuck a small strip of magnetic tape to the back.

Here’s one of the images before printing;

Slow progress quote

This is something that I’m pretty much repeating like a kind of mantra at the moment…the curse of the chronically ill! 

The next quote I chose is as vital to remember as the title of that book “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.”

Positive thinking quote

I didn’t have any washi tape that would go with this one, so left it as it is, just putting magnetic tape near the top on the back.

keep calm style fridge magnet 
I found some cute little ready made frames on eBay, made out of Kraft paper, which have just arrived. I think I’ll take the tape off this and slip it into one of them. The frame will no doubt work best with magnetic tape at the top and bottom. (I’ll take a photo and update this when its done.)

As usual, both images were created on my iPhone…how did I live without my iPhone? It’s pretty much my go-to tool for almost everything these days…a life saver. I used the ‘Keep Calm‘ app and the ‘Stationery‘ app. 

I printed them straight from my phone to my utterly awesome cute little Fuji Instax printer. Did I ever do a review of that? Must check…if not I’ll write one, because it’s great. 

For other ideas about how to display instant prints, have a look at my Pinterest board. 

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After the rain

20140524-204441.jpgAfter storms and cold wind and seemingly unceasing rain, the sun comes out and I try to remember to…

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Quote by Ralph Ransom.
The rest of the quote is:

Before the reward there must be labour. You plant before you harvest.

Well over the years I’ve done a massive amount of labouring, planting and tending. Yet here I am still sowing tears and trying to deal with a cornucopia of wretched things…and mostly because of an awful night, the black dog arrived and I was suddenly overwhelmed and utterly defeated.
I am truly thankful that I managed a good nap and now feel less suicidal. This serves to further reinforce the massively negative effect that sleep deprivation has on emotions, amongst other things. No wonder the suicide rate is so high amongst people with Fibro.

The need for valium continues and my GP has also doubled my SSRI dose.

After three blood tests Mum’s been diagnosed with diabetes and but has to wait for yet another appointment before any treatment will begin, which will probably be in about a month. Our GP made an urgent referral for her to see a consultant at the chest clinic in early December of last year. Then rang up to try to hurry things along for mum and the appointment is…April 15th. If you’re reading this and live outside the UK, be grateful.

Discovered a new app, thanks to Instagram. It’s called ‘Waterlogue.’

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On the subject of love, and as today is self love day:

Self acceptance quote

Tough to do…as is figuring out WHY we are the way we are. For more info about Self Love day, click here.

(It was Yogi ginger hibiscus tea if you’re curious, with my nightly dose of magnesium.)

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20140103-140136.jpgThank you for the reminder marigold

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I just finished this year’s calendar. It’s a collection of my favourite artwork featuring trees and I’ve also added some of my favourite quotes about creativity – one for each month. There’s also space under each image for you to write your word of the month, helping you to make 2014 the best year it can be.
Later today I’ll email the download link to blog subscribers (both here and at nourish creativity) If you’re not a subscriber, use the link on the right to sign up and when you’ve done that you’ll receive a download link too.
Any problems, let me know.
Happy new year lovely reader, thanks ever so much for your support over the last twelve months. Hope you always have what you need and may your muse always be with you.
Love and light

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