Christmas Stars – mini stickers

Here are some free files of wintery stars. They have been sized to fit the very awesome (and reasonably priced)

Moo mini sticker books. (use this link and you’ll get a discount.)

You get 90 stickers in a book and can upload up to 90 different images if that’s what you want. So far I’ve used mine when wrapping and posting items from my Zibbet shop and on the packaging of the mandala meditation cards. These Christmassy ones I think I’ll use on the back of card envelopes and when wrapping gifts. If you have any other ideas please let me know so I can share them here. Thanks.

I created the images on my iPhone then created the right size etc using Paint Shop Pro on my laptop, then I had them Vectorised and saved as a pdf to maintain the detail level. Moo actually request pdf files for graphics and similar to avoid fuzzy images.

You can print these images on printer lables too, you don’t have to use Moo! If you’d prefer the files in jpg format just let me know. Also, any problems downloading etc just contact me and ask for help. But Posterous make things easy…so fingers crossed!

Here are the images as JPG files;


Here are the PDFs

Download this file

Download this file


  1. Mimulux Patricia No


  2. Thanks mimu! :)))))))))))))))))))

  3. Here’s a link to Moo’s page of sticker ideas…I think I’ll make some cards :)

  4. yeah.. cool šŸ™‚ def have to check out this page again. just hope the postage wont be so expensive! :))

  5. Well you can always buy printable label sheets and print your own…and use some of the ideas from there šŸ˜‰ Labels like your biz card to stick on the back of art work is a cute idea…and I like the idea of four mini stickers stuck in a square pattern to make greetings cards…

  6. Avery do free downloadable templates for their labels on their site. I use them to make address labels for my Xmas cards. I’m sure Tesco printable labels will be similar sizes…

  7. they have cool ideas.. i love the colours and all šŸ™‚

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