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Abstract mobile digital art by Sandra lock

Colour Love

You may have noticed that I love colour. Really, really LOVE intense colour. Can I call myself a colourist do you think? I suspect I’m addicted to vibrant colours – which considering my problem with sensory overload is odd. But…
…colour is very healing, and goodness knows I need healing 😉
I spent the bulk of my life somewhat obsessed with purple. (To the extent that folks buy me purple gifts, my bedroom is purple and lots of my clothes were.) Over the last year or so that’s been changing. I never went through a pink phase as a child, was never a girly girl, but boy do I ADORE bright pink now. It lifts my spirits, makes my eyes sing. But…
…there are two new colours sneaking in. Bright bluey turquoise and, disconcertingly, orange. So I turn to chakra colours…

Chakra colours

Grabbed this via google – lost URL – will look and add later

 …and understand.

The prompt to declare my love for vibrant colour in a blog post came from Andrea at Dreamhart. A bi-weekly challenge. As y’all know, Fibro body has a love/hate relationship with challenges, but, who knows, maybe I’ll be able to join in again. Be sure to check out the blog post links in the comments there – some great links and info about colour.

What’s your favourite colour? Do you think there’s a reason that you’re drawn to it?



  1. Nice painting Sandra and an informative post about the healing effects of colour. I love purple too but I have to be careful where I wear it, so I usually reserve it for nights! Lovely to see you well enough to post. Here is a link to my post in Andrea’s Challenge

    • Hi Suzi, thanks for stopping by. I did go to your post and comment earlier today…hope its not lost?!
      Interesting that you have to be careful about wearing purple. Neither mum nor i have much luck if we wear green. Its quite bizarre…never buy clothes that colour any more. Theres an irish saying that green should never be seen indoors too. Such a broad and interesting subject…

  2. Hi and thank you so much for joining me at DreAmheArsMartArT! I love your post and I am working a lot with chakra energy. How lovely. As you saw on my Blog I am in love with red and orange. Me too I never went through a pink period when I was a girl but last year I surrounded myself a lot with that coulour, painted with it, found it on my Dreambooks, on book covers. So enjoy all these colours and let’s meet in 2 weeks if you feel like it. It is the topic of Priorities. Love and Light, Andrea

    • Thank you 🙂 i find it so fascinating that we are drawn to different colours at different times and how healing colours can be.
      Since i started to work at developing my intuition I’ve found the need for purple is much less. (Though i still adore the big chunk of amethyst by my bed.)
      I find turquoise strengthening when my fatigue is especially bad and seem more drawn to moonstone than almost any other gem. Rainbow of course – the blue mesmerises me.
      Colour theory is an intriguing area of psychology too, thanks for reminding me to pay attention to my colour choices.
      I hope i can join in for ‘priorities’, though I’m never sure what i’ll be capable of – ah the joys of fibro 😉

  3. As a yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer, I almost did my colorful post on this topic, but thought I’d do something different…. thanks for your post… it’s fabulous. And thanks for posting on my blog, I’ll put the link here for your peeps:

    • Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      I know what you mean – its such a broad and fascinating subject. The psychology of colour in our environment is what usually draws me, but today when i read Andrea’s post I looked through my iPad photo albums to see what colours I’ve been using lately and suddenly wondered what chakras they linked to.

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