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Did you ever play with a rubber printing kit as a child? Was there one called John Brown’s Printing Kit? Tiny pieces of rubber letters, getting inky fingers…and it has to be said a fair amount of frustration. Well, this app is a bit like that only without the frustration. Plus its much less messy.

Its called LetterMpress and replicates the feel and look of a traditional printing press. The type images are the genuine article – researched and photographed. There are even realistic sound effects, though you can turn them off.

Screen shots from the app LetterMpress

Screen shots from the app

You can save the design to your camera roll or email it. If you print on to transparent ‘paper’ it will save the image as a png file which means you can import the image into other apps to add your own custom background or a drop shadow effect. I often use the designs in ‘Inkpad’. Or you can import them into something as simple as Photoshop mobile and add various borders or colour effects.

Some of my LetterMpress designs

Some of my designs

T shirt design


You can save a design and upload it to a print on demand site and have it printed on a whole range of items, which make great gifts. Yes, the image resolution is that good.

If you do buy and use this app, please let me know. I’d love to see what you create…in fact, I wonder if there’s a Flickr group? Any problems – ask in the comments, it may help somebody else too.


*If you’re wondering what I used to frame the images above, it’s an app called ‘Strip Designer.’ Almost everything I do, from writing this blog post to creating art is done on my ipad or iphone.




  1. Heya Sandra, great article and just the kind of blog appreciated by the iPhoneographers over – we would love for you to link to this and any similar blogs you may write, or better still, copy and paste them into a post on MobiTog, so all our MobiMembers might benefit and appreciate your efforts… 🙂

    Thank you,

    Rog… 🙂

    • Gosh! Thanks Rog 🙂
      Will do…I’ll copy and paste and add links to mobitog somewhere on this blog too…not visited there for ages! Need to check I know what to do to post it…I may ask you for help 😉 I used to spend most time at iPA – but I’ve not been well enough to keep up to date with anywhere for quite some time…

      Still in the midst of moving here from Posterous. Haven’t imported old posts to here because the formatting always goes funky and looks foul 🙁 But I will eventually add links to various tip top mobile art sites. Lesser known forms of digital art need more exposure. Digi art still gets looked down upon 🙁

  2. From one typography geek….thank you for sharing. Great stuff.

  3. What useful-sounding app. Thanks so much for following my blog and liking Unicorn Fresco. I’m about to follow back!

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