Customer service: a Slapiton review

Due to the heat I’ve been using a lot of this:
Avene spray
After a quick google the place with the best prices was somewhere called ‘Slap it on’. They had the other Avène items I wanted too so (without googling for reviews) I made an order.
Review_sticker.JPGFairly promptly a parcel arrived, two correct items, one incorrect and two items missing, though the invoice said that all were included.
I emailed them. Waited over 24 hours, no reply, so emailed again. Waited again…I’d been replying to the email from them so after waiting another day I went to the website and used the contact form there.

Then did some googling about them.
Seems if the order is right, no probs.
But if there’s a problem;
“They don’t answer emails and the phone number is always engaged.”

Anyways, I got a reply today telling me that the items were on back order, they were sorry for missing my emails and not writing on the invoice re the missing items, and that they’d issue a refund.

But I got another email right after that:
Email from slapiton
Let’s hope Daddy is more efficient eh?
(Yes I wrote to tell her she’d emailed the wrong arse…)

My email telling her politely that she’d written to the wrong, ahem, arse, was written at 11am. I got a reply at 3pm confirming the refund and saying how upset she was by my negative review and apologising for the “catalogue of human errors.” 
Didn’t say sorry for calling me an arse though 😉 To clarify: Yes I did receive the correct refund, and no I won’t be ordering from them again. 





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