Depression awareness

Stephen Fry quote - depression

I’ve battled depression my whole life…until Fibro laid waste to my ‘normal’ life and I started taking an SSRI to help with the pain and insomnia.

Now I know why I was always fighting the darkness, that it was an unfair fight.

Interesting isn’t it that now I have the most challenges to my mood – constant pain, limited mobility, being mostly housebound etc etc (fibro is the gift that keeps on giving) I’m the least depressed I’ve ever been. Yes, of course I get sad and fed up – but now there’s a reason. 

Depression doesn’t need a reason.



  1. Thank you for sharing.

    • Pleasure – mental health issues need the stigma removing. Part of that, I believe, is honesty and educating. Thanks for your visit and comment. Your site/business sounds like a splendid initiative. Good luck.

      • Thank you. I absolutely believe that the stigma is also a big problem, those issues such as people believing that mental illness is a choice, or weakness are some of the biggest hurdles that people face when they are trying to recover. Remove these and have an open and accepting culture and my opinion is that people will get better, quicker.

        • Yep – agree with you completely. Education – as with so many things is the key isn’t it? Spreading awareness. I’m so glad when people like Stephen Fry and Ruby Wax talk openly about mental health issues. There’s so much misinformation and judgemental assumptions being made all the time. It makes a horrible thing twice as bad.
          Like any invisiable illness really. Because I’m young and look ‘well’ (or so I’m told) and have no walking aid or wheelchair (can’t hold a stick and haven’t the strength to wheel myself in a chair) the fact that I move like an arthritic 90 year old seems beyond peoples understanding. I’ve had abuse and been shoved out of the way. Folks assume I’ve no right to my blue badge (which are damn hard to get) or I’m just dawdling…makes one feel a bit sour about humanity. Thank goodness for the WWW!
          Sorry, I’ve gone on a bit too much. This whole issue hits a nerve 😉

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