Designing a wedding website

KP_mouse.JPGMy cousin and his fiancée get married later this year and I’ve offered to create a wedding website for them as their gift from Mum and I, (Mum will pay for any financial outlay and I’ll do all the design work etc.)
We had our first meeting about it yesterday and at one point my cousin asked “Is it hard to do all this?” and for some bizarre reason I said “No it isn’t.” But there must be a reason that this site is still unfinished and that the Nourish Creativity site still has a theme I don’t really like and needs work doing to it…and as I made the first few steps towards creating their website I remembered: it’s all very time-consuming, sometimes involves a steep learning curve as you either battle to discover what plugin is causing problems or try to tweak the theme to your requirements, and of course technology doesn’t always act how you expect it to. Of course you also have to find the right plugins to begin with.
So, partly to remind myself and partly for the benefit of anyone curious, I’m going to record here the steps I take to make their wedding website a reality and you can find the page on my site here.



  1. Wow, I never knew such sites existed. Thank you for illuminating me 🙂
    Why do you work with WP if it gives you such pain? Why don’t you just try out something completely different. Like Wix or Weebly. I’m curious 🙂

    • Because WordPress has the scope for much more customisation due to it being open source. Masses of plugins and widgets that can do everything from create a RSVP form to password protect pages etc. I also know much more about how to secure a WP site too, and their spam filters are the best around imho. Because I’m a designer I want to be able to customise the sites I use, its only time heavy for me because atm I don’t know much code, I’m still learning how Elegant Themes are customised and my fibro brain takes a while to learn things now.
      I got massively frustrated with Weebly because the themes were limiting, so I bought a new theme from a site that also shows you how to customise them which was ok, but the spam comments started to drive me nuts…
      Hope that answers your question??
      Tried to comment on your blog yesterday but couldn’t do it via (foolishly) safari. Will try again with Chrome tomorrow…

      • Jup, that answers it 🙂 Thank you.
        Hmm, looks like Blogger is acting weird again :/

        • I suspect google hates Apple…
          But…it won’t beat me. One day I’ll find a work around… X

          • you sure are a star for this!

          • Thank you 🙂
            I just need to figure out a way to pace myself so that I enjoy it rather than make myself ill.
            I’ll try and combine Sandy’s idea with one Stephanie Levy had. Will post about it if it works 😉 X

  2. webby tech stuff is ALWAYS a lot of work – finicky, time consuming, often soul sucking (!)…hours go away because of some silly techy glitch or whatever, and then you are dog gone tired afterwards. and your brain hurts from all of it!

    That is such a nice gesture for you to give to your cousin, I am sure it will all turn out fab, but make sure you take care of yourself too! I remember even doing my simple weebly site, it is not super duper anything but it is now there – ugh! and I do not even blog! Even updating my work website (I only did a teeny tine portion of it last week) took what seemed like eons!

    thanks for the post, I can appreciate your trials and tribulations here!


    sandy p

    • Bless you 🙂 Thanks xox This needs to be done like a little extra blog coz I can’t update the way it is now via anything other than PC. Will have to wait tho 😉

      Yeah, tis alas the way of tech. ‘The Thief of Time’ is how mum refers to it. Machines ‘think’ so logically and alas I never have! But you and Nini have put your finger on my problem: even after almost 8 years I still suck at pacing 🙁 I spent WAY too long on this at the weekend and am paying for it. I have no self control when I get stuck into a problem, I want to plug away at it until it’s solved. Which is how most of us do things, and is fine when you’re well. But I still have a hard time accepting that I have a neurological disease. Because physical things are so limited I substitute with tech and art, and still forget that ANY activity involving my brain whether done sitting or laying exhausts me. I’m an idiot! Sheesh.
      My mantra for the year is ‘Self Acceptance’. I WILL learn to pace. If I want to be able to express myself creatively, whether via design or photography or trad art or whatever: I MUST learn how to do it in a healthier way…

  3. I hear your pain (literally!) Sand! I think we can become somewhat obsessive with a new pursuit, project, whatever. LOVE your mom’s moninker, ‘The Thief of Time’ for tech! how true, indeed! it is always, “just another tweak” or “just another minute” and I will be done. NOT! Worked in the computer graphics/IT industry for a number of years before the .com crash – was in the art and production part of the biz, wow, I remember testing and tweaking and whatever, various porjects til the wee hours of the morning. ugh. never ending, really. and sitting, sitting, sore wrist, blurry eyes, etc. in front of the screen, taking away your time! that is why I am so so so much more into traditional art now – touching real things, moving around, using various media….the tangible. I was a photoshop wiz, and now I really dislike it indeed.

    Sounds like you are a perfectionist, and like to ‘finish up’ what you started or get to some specific stage. I guess you will have to start chunking things into more realistic time frames. it probably takes over, which you may enjoy at the time, but then you pay later I am sure. how about making a schedule? ie you can only spend like 2 x 1 hour chunks on this baby, per day? or less? or get to a certain stage/goal but have a timer? you will find a way, I am sure!


    sandy p

    • wow Sandy, so you were in these waters too 😀 hahaha… I love it how we both strive for “analog” these days… it’s great to be connected like this though, but the things we produce with our own hands are so SO much better

      Sandra: you truly are in a sucky position… I do get you trying to solve things that don’t work, tweak till that last line is where you want it to be…. gaaaah. You do have to take care of yourself or your “clients” will never get their gift.

      • Wise words Nina 🙂
        Now…I just have to figure out a way to follow them 😉 xxx

    • Thanks for your vote of faith and positive energy 🙂
      I’ve tried a timer and I tend to just ignore it! Going to try the kitchen one next – so I have to move to turn it off 😉

      You’re so right: I MUST split tasks into manageable steps and stop when one step is done. Think I’ll make a little book…with a reward after six steps successfully stuck to, or something.

      In the design biz eh? Cool 🙂 but I can understand how draining that must have been, deadlines as well as the desire to get a project right, ugh, and I see completely how you feel the need for the trad hands on approach now. Sounds like you’ve got HEAPS of awesome creative experience and knowledge.

      Thanks lots for stopping by lovely xox

  4. What a lovely generous gift! I too find it hard to stop until I’ve cracked a problem or just when I’ve spent too long online and have slipped into overdrive. Over the years I have got better at stopping myself when I can feel things getting out of control – my sensible self steps in and just clicks on shut down! It’s the only thing that works for me – noticing that I’ve gone into “I shouldn’t be doing this, but…” mode and metaphorically pulling the plug 🙂

    • Cool! Glad you’ve figured out a method to cope. Clever Marigold, I need to figure out how to follow your example.
      Your enforced online break must have helped too, so I need to have a day a week were I switch off totally.
      I also need to find a way to trigger my plug pulling: maybe mum can stand in another room with chocolate… 😉 Honestly it’s ridiculous of me, I don’t have a self control prob in any other area but the creative one. Praps coz it’s now the only area of my life that feels almost ‘normal’?
      Thanks for stopping by and for your ideas, empathy and support xox

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