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Many many years ago, during a health crisis brought on by adult chicken pox, I eliminated potatoes, corn and animal milk from my diet. I substituted sweet potatoes for the the potatoes, (which is now widened to squash and various root vegetables also.) soya and rice provided the animal milk substitutes and corn was easy to just eliminate. 
Well it was before I went to live in America for a while, when it became a bit of a nightmare.  
But I digress. It took a while but eventually I was able to restore my immune system back to some semblance of health. 
Then I got shingles and this whole health nightmare began again, only much worse.
Say hello to fibromyalgia.
Many fibro bloggers (and other kinds of bloggers) swear that diet changes have made a big impact on their health. Milk is the main thing most folks seem to eliminate first, then wheat and gluten, then sugar. As IBS seems to go hand in hand with fibro and since my gallbladder going nuclear has had a major impact on the severity of my symptoms I finally admitted a diet change needed to be tried again. I would cut out wheat and gluten.
Over the years since I became ill with fibro I’ve added various supplements and foods to my diet but I’ve not really eliminated much. 
I have a very limited amount of energy, a great deal of pain, muscle spasms and weak grip etc. So preparing food is a nightmare. This makes food a problem – even before you start eliminating things or trying to eat healthily. I began to substitute the wheat containing foods with gluten free pre-prepared alternative. Checking that they were milk free first. 
Things began ok. Some of the bloating subsided, my energy levels increased a little. Then things started to plummet downhill. 
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I’m having a major problem with nerve pain lately, this is mostly due to the unlucky fact that the shingles hit me right by where my gallbladder was. Not only has my body had to cope with a troublesome organ in the same place where the nasty herpes zosta virus decided to emerge, but of course surgery was in those areas also…
This nerve pain is spreading – up and down each side, my buttocks, my upper thighs and one upper arm. (Thus far.) Morphine has until recently been helping to mute or silence these pains. Not anymore. So I started to look more closely at the gluten free foods.
Most contain a mix of various flours. The commonest combination is potato flour and maize flour. Along with the addition of more of their starches. I’d thought I would be ok with such small amounts as I was mostly eating only one gluten free item a day.
I’m now hoping I wrong in this assumption. No more GF substitutes for me. It’s day two and the nerve pain has receded slightly. I’ll let you know how I get on…

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