eBay feedback – opinions wanted.

Last month I ordered something from eBay. When the item still hadn’t arrived about ten days later I wrote to ask why.
They’d ‘mislaid’ my order and not dispatched it. They’d send two the following day, to make up for the error.
I wrote straight back to ask if they’d read the message I sent with the order requesting an orange base. (The item’s default was white and the listing said to message with the order for a different colour. There were a few to choose from.)
No they hadn’t checked to see what colour I’d asked for. They’d send an additional parcel with the orange bases. These took about a week longer to arrive than the other parcel.
Anyway, yesterday I left neutral feedback and detailed as much of the experience as the minimal character allowance would let me.
Within hours I received an email from them requesting that I change my feedback…because “they sent me two things.”
Shame they don’t deal with orders as efficiently as feedback eh?
What should I do?




  1. Ignore them, they aren’t worth any more of your energy. If they persist, change feedback to negative on the grounds that getting what you’d ordered cost too much of your time & energy despite compensation.

    • And never buy anything from them again!

    • You’re awesome, thank you for understanding!
      Might not seem a big deal to many, but getting in touch repeatedly, then having to wait for an extra delivery (which means getting woken up early and having to struggle downstairs before I’m medicated etc) all eats up energy and adds to pain levels. I’m such a hopeless people pleaser too that I actually considered changing the feedback! (Not the comment, just the rating.) Thanks for putting it into the spoonie perspective for me. I appreciate it <3

    • Plus of course if they persist, that really is bullying. They’re also one of those irritating ebayers that don’t leave you feedback until you’ve left it for them. Far as I’m concerned, my role as a customer is to pay up promptly. Then you should leave me feedback. Hate the way most seem to use it like a bargaining tool 🙁 All leaves a bad taste in the mouth…

  2. Joni Giarratano

    I don’t think there is ” anybody” really at e bay…..I tried to sign up for an class on line, and they wouldn’t accept my credit card… it took so long to rectify the thing that I lost out on the class !!! Come to find out,,,,,I was using a debit card to pay for a class eminating in Germany !!! ( never again! ! I learned my lesson… But no one EVER explained why they were not accepting my card .. another hard lesson , I guess ! Joni

    • Sorry for the delay Joni 🙁
      Sorry too that you had a horrid experience, that sucks. Sounds weird that there was a problem with your card and that they didn’t sort out a place for you after that happened, doesn’t reflect well on them at all. Location should have nothing to do with anything either. This reinforces why I love PayPal, makes it so easy and much safer.
      Hope you have oodles of good luck in future,

    • Oops, P.S.
      Yeah big companies like eBay, Twitter and the like always get to a point where the customer/user seems to cease to matter. Though having said that, Amazon always deal with queries/complaints ok. (Touch wood…)

  3. I hear ya! It is impossible to please everybody and there are so many out there who still think happiness can be bought and good opinions for this matter as well. Stick with your initial rating and yes, never buy from them again. I know what you are saying about the feedback ratings and all that but if you change your mind you won’t be happy with yourself. And that will bug you more, right?

    • Wise words, thank you.
      Really appreciate you taking the time to comment and help. A thousand blessings upon you <3

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