EE sucks

Aaaarghhhhh! A slow death via frustration.

I’m finally back in Wales, and much as I love GiffGaff the data signal here is too poor because there are no nearby O2 cell phone towers. There’s an Orange one and a Tmobile one, (I found a site that told me what was closest) so I bought an EE data sim because they use Orange and Tmobile. I also bought a TPlink mobile wifi thingummy.

I googled the EE settings for a dongle at home and set the sim up, figuring I’d wait until I got back to Wales to buy data. They’re more expensive than GiffGaff (isn’t everyone?) but I assumed having a data signal would be worth it.

So here I am, about ready to throw the freakin’ sim out of the window. The signal is much better: actually managing 3G. The mobile wifi works great, it’s even sticking to the window via some Blutac. (I used the compass on my iPhone to figure out where the cell towers are and chose a window facing them.)
But boy oh boy the EE website sucks.
Here’s how:

1: it’s as slow as treacle. I know it’s just the EE site coz amazon et al load quickly.

2: They make it super hard to figure out how to get started with a data sim. The log in page won’t let me set up an account, it traps me in an infinite loop, refusing my address, no matter what browser I use.

3: Same when I try ringing them, an infinite loop of menu choices none of which lead to a human being and one of which actually hung up on me! (The system not a human.)

4: The data page for my sim, which I finally found after over an hour of hunting, using the search option coz the menu choices and FAQ offer no help, tells me I’m out of data and to choose from the add ons below…but there are NO add ons listed.

5: I’ve waited 15 minutes for a top up page to load, but as I’ve already topped up, I’m hoping in vain it’ll let me choose an add on…I’m not trying to create a bl@@dy account again.

It’s so EASY to buy a data goody bag from GiffGaff, I had no idea EE would be this painful. Add all this to my iPhone being mostly empty because I had to leave before it had finished restoring itself and I’m mighty ticked off with technology.
Maybe I should read the signs and give up?

Writing this on phone. There’s a v weak GPRS signal. Doubt it will post. Not pushing my luck by adding images: sorry.

Hope this explains the silence.

Belated Happy Birthday Abbey!
Belated Independence Day greetings to my American chums.

After trying every browser and every setting on my iPad I rang EE again, but this time instead of waiting for the non-existent option I needed, I pressed the first one and got the human I spoke to, who was very helpful, to transfer me. Although the next human I spoke too didn’t have English as his first language and my damn neurological word finding was a pain in the ass, he managed to use the top up balance to buy a data add on for my account. So, I’m now trying to get my iPhone sorted a bit and then catch up…slowly.
Got an evil stomach bug though 🙁



  1. Oh dear oh dear…. things do give you loads of grief don’t they. I think it would really be for the best if you treated your van as tech-free space and use it to-unplug from the daily stressful life and re-plug to the Universe and it’s healing powers.

    Wishing you good times my friend! <3

  2. Yvonne

    Haha, bit of TMI for you; ever since I spent 2 years in Dublin, I’m an EastEnders nut – which led me to think & wonder that you’d written about sa(i)d soap -lol 😉

    That said – eish… Yes, technology is a lifeline of sorts & it sucks when it doesn’t work – gosh, I can almost FEEL your frustration… I like Nini’s suggestion, but no tech can leave you feeling lonely & stranded, too. Hope you get it all resolved & restore a little, out there! Sending you a hug & some tech-resolving vibes 🙂 x

    • Thanks lovely new mama 🙂 alas, I’m not a soap watcher, my soapy fiction is limited to books rather than TV. I’m more into fantasy/detective/comedy when it comes to TV. Although I did watch the soap that was set in Liverpool way back in the mists of time 😉 Thinking about it, most of the fiction based TV I watch these days is from America. Not very patriotic!
      Sorry for my (usual) delay in replying. i was doing so well keeping up with you! Darn 🙁
      Hope alls still going smoothly <3

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