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I decided to use Elegant themes as the starting points for my online stuff. They’re often recommended, very reasonably priced and when you buy a membership package you can use any of their themes. (Very handy because its hard to envisage exactly how a theme will look with your own content.)

But I’ve been getting majorly fed up because of plugin glitches. Not with any of the myriad of free independently developed plugins and widgets, but the official WordPress Jetpack. Header slides and similar often just won’t work with Jetpack. I asked in the support forum and was told that it’s a known issue that they’re working on and there’ll be a fix in the future. No other help offered. But for some reason I did a bit more digging, asked another question somewhere else, used google etc and it seems that the issue is often with just one bit of Jetpack – the Photon plugin. If you disable it (it’s active by default) then an image related problem is often solved. It’s not exactly easy to figure out how to disable it though…

…here’s how – it’s easy – Click on the ‘learn more’ button of the Photon plugin and the ‘disable’ button will magically appear. 

Be cool if all tech problems were so easy to solve huh? Hope this helps.


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