Fibro awareness day – free stickers

We’re hurtling towards this years Fibromyalgia Awareness dayMay 12th – so I made some printables. They are designed for a sheet of labels 7×3. One sheet has 21 of these;

Fibro definition

The other has 21 of these;

Fibro text purple

Download the PDFs by clicking a link –

Any problems, let me know. If you want any other sizes or colours, please leave a comment thanks.



  1. I don’t think I have a sticker sheet with these dimensions… Thinking about printing it and putting it on a magnet for my car.

    • Thats a great idea šŸ™‚
      What size sheet do you have? I can rustle up a sheet fairly quickly with the Avery app.
      I’ll also upload a pdf of them singly – places like Moo and Zazzle print good quality text from a pdf file.

  2. Please do your research before you post/stickers or whatever you’ve done. I’m a fibromyalgia sufferer and quite offended my the ignorance of this. There’s no “psychological pain” about it! If you can explain why our muscles are swollen from head to toe and the other 20+ symptoms of this horrible and awful disease! You may have well said that is all in or head!!!!! A little bit of research would’ve cleared that up immediately and if that what your belief is than put “in my opinion”. This is ridiculous and i would hope before your due diligence!!!

    – Fibromyalgia Sufferer

    • It says PHYSIOlogical pain, NOT psychological.
      …I’ve had a heated ‘discussion’ with a Fibro support group LEADER (!) who was saying just such nonsense, amongst many others, so rest assured you’ll never read anything like that here.
      I also know from a lot of first hand experience that it’s easy to make, and to miss, mistakes…


  1. …still alive. Also, today is Fibro awareness day. | Sand's art blog - […] more like invisible illness awareness day. Previously I’ve given away some free downloads: click here for theĀ stickers, and here…

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