…managed to get to my static caravan in North Wales.
Yes I know the drawing isn’t a static van, it’s clip art in the app called “Studio”. (Which allows for some cute design work to be created, although it is one of those rather fascist apps that demand you post to their community before you can do anything with your image. As the output resolution is so low, I just take a screen shot.)

Being back in Wales means that on the infrequent occasions when I manage to leave the van, I get to drive one of my favourite roads.
The image below is the view I have when sitting down, which is one reason why not getting out often sucks a lot less. (Plus there’s the awesome bird song chorus…and sometimes cows and sheep too. Heaven.)



  1. You seem to be in absolute heaven there so do enjoy it to the fullest. No matter the weather! šŸ˜‰

  2. Happy holidays Sand!

    • Thanks lovely lady šŸ™‚ Hope you’re doing as well as possible. Usual apologies… <3

  3. Yay, have a lovely time.

    • Thanks Alison šŸ™‚ Hope you’ll accept my usual apologies for being behind with blog reading…makes me doubly appreciative when others visit mine. (And feel a bit guilty…ho hum) Hope your pain levels are manageable and that Bobby is behaving X

  4. fun fun fun! glad you managed to get away! I know packing and getting ready is a big pain, but once you are there – so NICE! enjoy! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks awesome lady, miss my fellow June Bugs and the rain is a bit depressing but I’m trying to focus on the fact that the big tree outside the window had bare branches when I arrived and I’ve watched it bud and the leaves bloom in less than two weeks…its amazing šŸ™‚ Wish i could live somewhere like this all the time…
      I know I know, be grateful for what I have šŸ˜‰ I am, honest I am šŸ™‚

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