week 25 – Flower Crazy

Another tough week. Thanks for all the messages of support – it really helps. I’m sure all those positive vibes keep me going. The changes in the pain and the areas effected make me wonder if I have a virus of some kind in the mix too. Ah the joys of an autoimmune disease!

Currently using a combo of rest (assisted by the timer on my iPhone to make sure I’m pacing properly and remembering to take my meds) TENS unit, biofreeze roll on gel, hypercal cream and just found and trying out Eurax cream. Oh, and of course morphine when I reach desperation point.

ICarla sonheimn the midst of all this I’m attempting to do Carla Sonheim’s ‘Flower Crazy’ painting eClass. I am sooooo desperate to PAINT, but fibro brain and body are complaining because once I get started I resent having to pace. Which I realise means that I’m evidently making the pain etc worse, and I really ought to know after 6 years that payback sucks. There continue to be external stressors via family ‘stuff’ so my apraxia of speech is the worst its ever been. Probably why typing is so hard at the moment.

So, because the time available for painting is so small (and rare) I’m working small. ATC size and postcard size. Here’s one of this weeks paintings. My first play with white gesso!

Abstract mixed media flowers

Blue burst

It’s postcard size and is a mix of – watercolours, white gesso, inktense pencils, letraset permanent markers and white acrylic ink. It took quite a few sessions and I am itching to experiment with what I learnt from creating it. But, I’ve had to satisfy my creative urge via my iGadgets. I played with a photo of the painting. So week 25’s photo is from a piece of my art rather than a tree or something. 

I used a combination of Photoshop Mobile (or whatever it is they renamed it?) and Tangled FX.

Mixed media digital art

Pink burst

Mixed media mobile digital art

Easter burst

I also had another fiddle with some of my foggy tree photos this week. (I am as usual immensely grateful for the means to be able to create whilst in bed and with minimal motor skills.) Most of the play was with ‘Camera+’ and the ‘Glaze’ app.

Mibile digital art purple foggy trees

Purple night

Mobile digital art - purple trees

Purple visions

Mobile digital art - abstract orange trees


My other wee paintings from the past two weeks can be seen in my Flickr steam and to see the other talented class creations, surf over to the Flower Crazy Flickr group.








  1. These look lovely. I have just had a look at Carla’s site. I am very tempted to sign up to a class.

    Yes the pacing is so hard when absorbed in something. And the resentment. I usually find the resentment makes me worse because of the tension in my body it creates. I wonder if there is a way we can ‘work’ with the resentment creatively and in a low energy way, as a kind of pause.

    • Well, so far I can happily recommend Carla’s Flower Crazy class πŸ™‚ and the feedback/chat I’ve read all seems positive.
      There seems such a variation in quality when it comes to online courses…but then we’re all different, especially when it comes to expectations and knowledge. But, I’m fairly new to mixed media watercolour so I’m having fun πŸ™‚ and she has a very obvious/frequent presence in the Flickr group – so you don’t feel like the course is being run on autopilot.

      Yep – you’re so right, about the frustration, it is HIDEOUS! And as I’m experiencing it, i know its a waste of precious spoons and is adding to my stress and tension levels. Its like a constant presence…
      We spoonies really do need to find a way to use the frustration to our advantage…work with it, as you so perfectly put it πŸ™‚
      …daydreaming how to split up a task?
      …listening to or watching something creative?
      …I guess an obvious thing is meditation isn’t it? Learning to accept how things are and work with them. Its so hard to let go of what I *think* I should be able to do/want to do/see others doing and the big one – what others think I should be able to do. Little and often is a great idea, until you get carried away with an activity or conversation.
      I suppose this is were my iPhone comes into its own. I can prop it up on my chest and play with an image – just applying filters. Which is exercising my creativity in a low energy way, and also relaxes me. Like colouring would be for somebody with more energy…hmmm, I’ll try and come up with a list of very simple creative apps and do a blog post. See if I can find some similar online tools too πŸ™‚ Thank you! I’ll link to your blog when I eventually post it.
      Hope your Sunday is going as well as possible. Thanks lots for stopping by and commenting – means a lot πŸ™‚

  2. cool πŸ™‚ like them flowers πŸ™‚

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