Secret Auction for disabled trust

Watercolour mixed media painting of flowers

Earthly delights

I recently posted a postcard sized painting like this one, (but not this one coz it’s secret…) to the Gardening for the disabled Trust’s forthcoming silent auction. 

*This particular painting is now available for sale – sorry that my web shop STILL isn’t live yet, and my Etsy shop virtually empty. (I’m sure you can guess why that is…) Just use the contact page to mail me for further details if you wish to buy it.

I was unfamiliar with this charity’s work until a Facebook friend posted about the auction and their request for postcard sized art donations from artists. (Like the Twitter Art exhibit.) 

There have been donations from a wide variety of folks, from celebs to popular artists to amateurs like me. The auction is secret – so you wont know who the artist is until you’ve bought the postcard – cool huh? The event is a live one, but you can bid online too.

Artwork donations need to reach them by the end of the month. The original closing date was April 23rd. It’s now June 1st. For more info on the auction, 

click here for their letter and here for details about the auction itself.

Click here for more info about the Gardening for Disabled Trust.




  1. this is lovely 🙂 i just looked at the pdf.. it says artwork has to be submitted by april 23 .. so perhaps next year i might think of having a go too 🙂 thanks for the info sand.. and good luck 🙂

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