Getting the creative habit

I’ve tried a number of things over the years in an attempt to develop a creative habit of some kind, usually work got in the way. Becoming ill has posed even more of a challenge. 
One year I successfully completed “30 things in 30 days” but only by scheduling posts…which sort of defeats the purpose of the challenge. Next I signed up for a weekly photography challenge on Google Plus. There was a theme/title for each week, but I didn’t manage that for more than a month or two because I’m housebound much of the time and my options were too limited.
So…what next? A friend suggested that taking my health into account, trying to do anything on a regular basis (besides taking my medication) was setting myself up for failure. But I’m a stubborn soul and I decided to try one more time.
A weekly photography blog.
I use my mobile phone and iPad to create with most of the time. (Click here to find out why.) Sometimes I use a mobile photograph (photo taken with a mobile phone) as the stimulus, other times it’s a sketch of some kind. So for my weekly challenge I decided to limit myself to photography as the starting point. It doesn’t need to be a photo taken that week and if it’s been an especially bad week then I can post a previously created image. The goal is to think about the creative process every week.
I recently reached week 14. Which is longer than I’ve managed any other challenge since becoming ill so I’m hopeful I can continue.
Mobile photography christmas tree angel

Mobile photography

This week’s image is of the angel on top of our Christmas tree.
I took the photo with my iPhone 5 and the iOS camera app in very limited light so that the main light source was the fairy lights.
Next I imported the photo into the Camera+ app.I used the ‘clarify’ filter option first, then the the ‘Contessa’ one from the special effects. I also used this app to crop the photo into a square.

Camera+ workflow

Camera+ workflow

The next app in my workflow was ‘Scratchcam’. There are lots of options to customise the filters provided, from the strength of the effect to how many layers of effects you want applied to your image. I say image not photo because its a good idea not to limit yourself to thinking that photography apps can only be used with photos. I chose a coloured filter that added contrast, a border and a minimal amount of scratches. The ‘Moku Hanga’ app was the third and final one used. This app gives your image an effect similar to Japanese wood block printing. Some of the choices are similar to the ‘Shock-my-pic’ app, but it’s output resolution is better. Tap the various options until you get an effect that pleases you, then fine tune the amount of colour, outline, edge and ‘paper’ used.

Mobile photography workflow

How an image changes.

 If you need more detailed instructions – please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to add more next time. Thanks for reading.
Camera+ icon

Camera+ app

Scratchcam app

Scratchcam app

Moku hanga icon

Moku Hanga app




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