Going dark/offline…

Time to run away and hide for a bit I think, been a tough year and I’m not coping very well at the moment.
I’ve made the tentative decision to hibernate as much as possible from Christmas Day until mid January.
No social media etc just ‘life maintenance’ and art.
20131223-191436.jpg Humble apologies for all the unread blog posts and status updates et al that there’ll be.

• If it’s urgent, please email me (via the contact page if you’ve not got my email address) my email is still out of control but hopefully some down time will help me to unsubscribe/reply/delete etc and regain a measure of control.

I had hoped to have my 2014 calendar ready for subscribers by now, but life has had other ideas. Hopefully I’ll get it finished before January! Sorry.



  1. Oh my friend, do take care of yourself. The online world will still be here when you return.

    Sending you love and hugs.

  2. A few weeks of “…just ‘life maintenance’ and art” sounds like an excellent idea! Time out to think about what is really essential for you and to let go of everything else… I’m looking forward to some time out myself – starting this evening until I’ve had enough 🙂

    • An excellent idea: from now until we’ve had enough 🙂 See you on the other side sweetie xox

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