…was a perfect day. This is to help me remember.Coffee and a muffin

Mocha cortado, blueberry muffin…no animal milk. Thank you Costa Coffee.*

Good friend, good conversation…craft stash shopping.**

* Yes I dislike the big chains that spread across the planet like ivy, choking local businesses and making one city look the same as every other, but it’s so WONDERFUL being able to check a menu for allergens online beforehand. Add to that the fact that they offer everything with the option of soya milk AND have a muffin with no milk in it AND had little gluten free Bakewell tarts***…well, I’m a happy camper.

** Yeah, second Monday in a row that I fed my art/craft stash addiction a bit at Hobbycraft, and I know I’ll pay for it big time, (no not the credit card bill, though that may indeed make me weep.) but popping into Hobbycraft, even though only briefly, after doing something else is seriously overdoing it. But right now after a very rare happy day, I don’t care. It was worth it.
I felt almost normal.

*** Yes, I seem to be super aware of my sugar intake at the moment and am contemplating…maybe doing something about it. Any advice, site/book recommendations etc will be gratefully received.



  1. hmmm, I’d say keep enjoying dear! is sugar affecting you in any way? if not…. stay happy! 😉

    • Yeah, i’d like to 😉 …but LOTS of fibro folk say how much better their symptoms are when they cut out sugar.
      Not sure i’ll manage it whilst riding the waves of the menopause though, its hard when my hormones are shrieking for chocolate!

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