not coping with…

Whenever they issue a heatwave alert and mention that the elderly and infirm are at risk, I’ve never really viewed it as appertaining to me.

Until now.

I am really and truly NOT coping with this heatwave at all. I just commented to a couple of online chums that I’d give away a decade of my life willingly if it would get me a home with air conditioning installed. I had to take Mum to hospital on tuesday and it nearly finished me off. No more driving for me until the temperature drops…or leaving the house full stop. My fatigue increases in direct correlation to the rises in temperature and I am feeling so…useless right now I could weep.


Here’s a cold picture to soothe all my spoonie brothers and sisters.

 Winter dreams iphone art

Winter dreams…




  1. Apparentely it’s going to be a bit cooler next week, so perhaps that will help. The heat isn’t so bad for me – in fact it’s great for my muscles – but the humidity really does me in, so glad that’s dropped last few days.

    In our last house, which got far too hot, I would place cold wet towels on me to cool down. If you haven’t tried it, it’s well worth a go. Although no good of course for out and about!

    • Sorry for the delay…usual reasons.
      Thanks for the tip, it made me ponder what was here that I could chill or freeze and the plate warmers really helped 🙂 Much appreciated <3
      Glad the new house is such a success :)))
      ...and i'm relieved that the weather has changed and that autumn seems to be on it's way. Mostly relieved...but a bit sad too.

  2. Hey Sand, wish I could come and install AC for you. 🙁 sounds like you are not doing too well in the humidity, which is what we have here as well in July and part of August. I sure do not cope well in it either! can you not get a window AC or two, to help stave off a but if heat and the humidity especially? ugh…sending COOLER thoughts your way….


    sandy p

    • Thanks Sandy 🙂 yeah, we’re going to look into getting AC for the two main upstairs bedrooms, that should have a knock on effect on the whole house if the upstairs isn’t like a big hot radiator! Plus it’ll heat us in the winter.
      Seasons seem to be altering, August is usually the unbearable heat month (if we have one) but this year its been almost autumnal. Leaves are already on the turn…

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