Highly sensitive personalities and fibro

Dizzy avatarI read this blog post today by Susannah Conway, (the person who’s ecourse I just started), which led me to this one, then this one.

Bit of an unexpected lightbulb moment. These things so often take you by surprise, appearing when you least expect them. I’ve got a lot of further reading to do…

The concept of a Highly Sensitive Personality has completely passed me by – well the theories and writings about it. All fibro sufferers KNOW what living with a HSP is like. But its set me wondering how many HSP’s develop fibromyalgia…last time I read figures, fibro was estimated at about 7% of the population. If HSP effects 15-20% then its not a massive leap to suppose that half of HSP’s will develop this cursed disease.
So – if you recognise the signs of a HSP and don’t have fibro PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take good care of yourself. Follow those tips. Do all that you can to keep your immune system as healthy as possible, paying particular attention to reducing stress.
Also, as you approach 40, (the danger time) keep a close eye on your hormonal fluctuations. Ladies, if your periods start to get hinky or erratic, look at how you can help your body to balance its oestrogen levels. Avoid meds that mess with your hormones though…I’m doing better with the herb agnus castus in a small dose, but you may find it best to see a herbalist depending on how much you know about herbs.
Now, I know I’m not a doctor, nor qualified to give advice. The above is based purely upon my hard earned experience together with what I’ve read about fibro in the past.
But it resonated to such an extent that I felt the need to go out on a limb and share my thoughts about the implications that seemed to leap out at me.
Heh – there’s probably a plethora of posts about this out there that I’ve not yet found. Apologies if this is all old news to you!
No no no avatar
I need to work at not cursing this crappy DNA of mine so much. It is what it is – I need to accept it and learn all that I can from living this endurance test.
Here’s hoping that most of the folks that read this never fully understand…


  1. I’m a super HSP with fibromyalgia and ADD, so this article resonates with me. Learning to reduce stress is excellent advice. I just wish I had taken it more seriously when I was younger.

    • Well, i think we do what we can at the time – sometimes we have no control over these things. At least we know now 😉 and have the internet to touch base with others and find out some things that could help. I wish I’d realised/discovered so much of this stuff decades ago…especially the depression cause 🙁 But i have an uneasy feeling that most of our problems are hereditary. So, if its any consolation i suspect whatever we did may not have made much difference. Heh, for the sake of others i hope I’m wrong! Or that gene therapy hurries up… Good luck <3

      • I think you’re right about the hereditary link. My mom has osteoarthritis, but I’m wondering if she doesn’t have fibromyalgia, too, as she has many of the same muscular/energy level symptoms that I do.

        The hinky hormone theory makes sense, too, though. My hormones got messed up after my last pregnancy 15 months ago. Now I have endometrial hyperplasia due to low progesterone and I’m starting The Change (I just turned 39), hot flashes, and all.

        I’ll have to read about that agnus castus you mentioned. The OBGYN put me on Provera for a while, but took me off of it for reasons unknown and told me to use wild yam cream, but I looked it up and it’s useless, as far as helping the body make progesterone.

        Sorry for rambling. I really shouldn’t on the internet without adult supervision until my meds kick in. 😉 LOL


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