How the UK feels about the sick and disabled #2


So – it’s only a national emergency if healthy people start dying, until then I assume we’re just unimportant collateral damage?

I’m really unable to cope with the heat, it’s like an energy vampire and pain amplifier rolled into one, along with a host of other physical effects, on Friday it had me wishing I was dead. (Yay say the benefit people, one less scrounger.)
…and apparently it’s only going to get hotter.
Meh 🙁



  1. It’s cooler here this week – hope you have some respite from the heat too.

    • We had a cooler weekend thank goodness – Friday was awful. And i don’t think id have coped with Monday if there hadn’t been a few cooler nights before it. The humidity is hideous, but at least theres been some breeze and cloud cover, so if you sit still its bearable 😉
      Hope it carries on being a little cooler where you are and that you manage to get some sleep.

      • Thanks Sand. What will be will be. I’m aware that on many levels I’m better than I was this time last year when I pretty much gave up on everything in pain and despair. I spent three or four months doing nothing much except watch stuff on iPlayer and compose mental rants about the awfulness of life!
        Thankfully the magnesium citrate you recommended gradually took care of the pain and eventually I got tired of watching telly and being angry, so I began very slowly to come back to life.
        It still took me another six months or so to get the new writing blog going and although I don’t expect to recover totally at my age I have a renewed determination to live a good and interesting life even if it’s only a very little one!
        I think the ebbing of the hormonal tide has been a big help – I’m still going through the change, but the hormone-induced emotional upheavals are noticeably less now.

        • Gosh, I’m so pleased the magnesium helped with the pain 🙂 i notice that it sometimes helps a bit with my sleep too. (I sometimes alternate it with an epsom salts bath coz they reckon its absorbed best through the skin.)

          At the moment I’m trying royal jelly – i have 500mg with breakfast (& a CoQ10) then another 2x 500mg tabs after lunch. I was using the orange flavour Arkopharma vials until i discovered they had wheat syrup in them 🙁 Until the heat hit i honestly thought that it was making a difference to my fatigue levels…have dropped it down until the heat buggers off. Too expensive!

          I’m comforted by what you say re the menopausal symptoms, all that seems to be getting me thru at the moment is the thought that maybe once the change is over things will be a bit better. And also of course super pleased that you’re feeling more positive and managing to achieve things. Assume the writing blog is ‘HowILiveWithMe’?
          Scary how long it takes for us to recover from stuff. The dental work last year had such a major impact I’ve not had the guts to go back for my check-up this year ;(
          Its late and i over did it this morning, so apols if this doesnt make a whole heap of sense…

          • Yup – writing blog is howilivewithme 🙂 I

            I’m really hoping that post-menopause is better. I still have my moments, but this year I’m definitely noticing positive changes particularly on my mood. I still get down at times, but I’m much less emotional than I used to be. Maybe there’s some loss with that – I don’t feel anything (good or bad) as intensely as I used to, but frankly it’s a relief! I seem to have started another spell of hot flushes though which is a bit of a bore.

          • yeah this damn menopause is rather a roller coaster ride – one we could do without. hope you can be on a more even keel again soon.
            as for the hot flushes/flashes/power surges during this heat…well that just isnt the least bit fun. meh. empathising with you big time. (sulphur is helping with that – when i remember to take it)

  2. As I was saying…….Pardon the pun,…….but that is extremely cold (feelings) toward anyone, let alone the ill and otherwise already distressed people. I am dreading the day socialized medicine comes to the United States, but it may come unless Republicans and Democrats can find a way to shuffle away Obamacare. The more U.S. Citizens demand that our politicians also be covered under Obamacare the more Obamacare may be DOA. (Dead on Arrival).

    • aye – tis very true, politicians are very good at telling the rest of us what to do, so long as they dont have to do it too…

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