How the UK treats the chronically ill #1

And so it begins…

20130722-183519.jpgTime to prove – yet again – that I’m ill and that I still have this pesky incurable illness.

20130722-183714.jpgLots of comment online about the effects that the changes are having. Lots of suicides too…
Here are a couple of links for UK peeps to check out,
War on Welfare blog
Diary of a benefit a scrounger
The disability news service
Black triangle campaign – an article about GPs concerns about the current system
It’s a private company that does the ‘assessing’ and they get a bonus for each person they get off benefits. (I mean, what could possibly go wrong with that system huh?!)
Of course most of those poor souls end up getting their financial support restarted, but only after they’ve been through a punishing and stressful appeals process.
What a world this is…



  1. Uh uh! Happening here in the States too! Happened to me at age 59. Had to have the hospital where I was staying help me out. They did a wonderful job and helped me immensely. But this is happening everywhere. What is this stemming from! Want to know really? Drugs and alcohol. Many people are not going to like the answer, but my husband works in the industry. Addictive Drugs and those addicted to alcohol. There is such a prevalance of people returning the rehab over and over and over that public medical systems can no longer sustain all of the people on the system. Here in the U.S. Private Insurance Companies are actually pulling out of States because of the numbers of people on Addictive Substances. They simply will not cover rehab at all!! Or anything else for that matter!! So if a private insurance company can’t cover people, I don’t imagine that the taxpayers can either. So, the government, starts stripping people off the system, making people prove they belong on the system. A sad, sad problem is this…….

    • I can believe this…there’s also the ‘problem’ of the ageing population – I get the distinct idea that because the government feels that old people are too much of a drain on the welfare system (despite the fact that they contributed to it their whole life) that they need to find a way to eliminate them in whatever ways they can. There have already been deaths where I live due to the heat…they are talking about means testing the winter fuel allowance…spare room tax…I know many older people don’t bother trying to find out if there’s financial help available to them because the system is so complex and hard to navigate. Plus we used to have something called the ‘Citizen’s Advice Bureau’ (CAB) where you could go to get help finding out what support was available and also get help to fill the epic forms in. Due to the ‘austerity measures’ the local council have closed down most of the C.A.B. offices, so it’s virtually impossible to get help any more. They’re too busy for an appointment system any more so if you want help you have to be prepared to sit and wait for upwards of three hours. I certainly couldn’t do that any more, it’s physically beyond me.
      Naturally though, our politicians still think they should get a pay rise – despite the majority of us having had our incomes/pensions frozen.
      I could say more, but it’s all just so depressing!

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