How to comment on blogs using an iPad

Perhaps it’s just me, but most of the time when I try to comment on a blog using the Safari browser (even on my MacBook) the comment either vanishes or looks like it’s posted, but in actual fact hasn’t. So, here’s a brief guide to solving the problem.

WordPress blogs
Best to use either the Chrome or the Atomic browser apps and log in using a Twitter id.
Really, even if you use an alias email to open a Twitter account, ( are great for those.) it’s worth it. None of the other sign in id’s worked for me. Sadly you can’t tick the ‘notify me of replies’ box but at least you can comment.

Figuring out Blogger nearly had me beat…solved it today. Use the Chrome browser app and your website/blog URL. Everything else I tried just resulted in the page reloading and my comment disappearing.
Just discovered that the Opera browser works too.
The very wise @marigold_ has just pointed out that the blog owner has to enable the ‘name/URL’ option first… Ridiculous that Google products can’t work with each other.

Create a Typepad account, log in and most browsers seem to work ok.

Self hosted blogs
Have the Atomic browser app identify itself as internet explorer and use your name and email addy.

Any others I’ll add as and when I solve/discover them, and if you have a work around not mentioned please share it in the comments – thanks 🙂



  1. These are some great tips Sand. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Pleasure! It’s been driving me nuts (especially Blogger). Thanks for stopping by Drew 🙂

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