Had a therapeutic play with ‘Spinart’ last night.
Removed background with ‘Eraser’, combined images with ‘Superimpose’ then a painterly effect with ‘Glaze’ and finally various effects using ‘Repix’.
20140205-053910.jpgLots of things I need to blog about but things are tough at the moment (fallout/payback from an accident) so I’m hideously behind with everything (especially replying to email. As usual. Sorry.)
I want to post about…
…the online art project called ‘Two thousand and fourteen’ that I’ll be contributing to on February 15th,
The collages I’ve made so far for the circle swap I’m involved in,
The ATCs I’ve made for the ATC swap I’m involved in,
and other bits n bobs which are written on a (one of many) list.
But they’ll have to wait for a bit.


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