37/52 – Sleep deprivation and big book giveaway

They say that Fibro isn’t degenerative, that’s apparently one of its saving graces, (the other being that its not terminal, though most of the time i don’t see that as a plus tbh.) but being in a place that I knew BF (before Fibro) I’m able to recall some things that I did in the past. I can see how I was during the first year of all this.
None degenerative my ass.
I had assumed that my evil/dying gallbladder was the main reason things were so bad. Then of course there was recovering from the surgery/NHS. Then there was last years dental hell. (I’ve not been back for this years check up, just not well enough yet.) Then the menopause decided to stop faffing around being ’peri’. Then there was a family emergency…
Things that ’normal’ folks would brush off as a passing annoyance have ripples of health consequences for months – if not years. I’m learning this the hard way.
whilst talking to my Mum the other day about how bad things are right now I had a moment of clarity.
Getting to Wales usually takes about two weeks to recover from. I know the stages of recovery that my body goes through now after any kind of exertion. However things are worse than ever right now, one thing in particular because of the heat during the day.*
Now I know that many medics still view Fibro as a sleep disorder, but the pain and myriad of other symptoms kind of make the insomnia seem a minor thing. This week though has brought it home to me that OF COURSE this wretched disease is degenerative if the poor sleep can’t be improved to a certain degree. I’ve had over seven years of constant sleep deprivation, of course I’m getting worse, it’d be odd if I wasn’t.

* yes you read that right, its been hot here. Well for the UK at any rate. Boy I’d almost kill for air con…


Not much creating going on this week due to feeling so grim, but I did doodle some affirmations to stick up around the van.

Affirmation fully presentI am enough affirmation

I love me affirmation

This is the hardest one of all…


Yes i mentioned a Big book giveaway didn’t i? Not from me, but it is a great selection of creative/self help books. Click here or the image to find out more. To enter, comment on either – your favourite childhood book, that you’ve tweeted or posted to Facebook or blogged about it. You need to comment by 11pm BST June 10th. Its still worth looking at the post though because its an interesting mix of books.Book giveaway

My faves are –

Early readers – when teaching I adored anything by Jez Alborough especially ‘Cuddly Dudley’ kids love it. Also the ‘Can’t you sleep little bear’ series from Martin Waddell and I can’t remember the illustrators name and she’s awesome!
Young readers – most vivid childhood memory is reading ‘The house at worlds end’ by Monica Dickens. I consumed all the books in the series, doubt they’re still in print though…must check.
Older readers – Lord of the rings. Still my favourite book, ever.



  1. Hope you feel better soon!

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