Of Insomnia and other things…

On a good night/day I’ve been managing perhaps two sleep cycles. (A sleep cycle lasts 90 mins. Bare in mind though that they’re not true sleep cyles because we fibro peeps don’t reach the lower restorative level.) This has been going on for about three weeks and steadily worsening to the point where its just occasional fitful dozing, not even a sleep cycle.


Lack of sleep has many side effects, apart from the creeping black cloud of depression my nerve pain has been escalating in a most disconcerting fashion. Friday my left side started going numb, which strangely enough isn’t actually preferable to pain. I was losing feeling in everything from the two smallest toes and little finger on my left hand to the side of my face and it seemed to be spreading…

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By Sunday the feeling was returning, but the right side started showing signs of going the same way and the usual nerve pain was screaming… (These weird symptoms, like loss of feeling or an inability to put weight on your ankle coz it feels like its been broken, usually last for a maximum of 48 hours and after nearly 7 years I tend to ignore this stuff and just cope as best I can. Not always the best plan as my nearly exploding gallbladder proved.) 

After having pressure put on me to do it, I rang my GP on Monday. Apparently I’ve never mentioned the numbness to her before, (well seeing as when I do mention stuff, like my blue toes for example and she replies “its just another fibro thing” I usually figure, what’s the point it’ll be another fibro thing? Yes I know there’s a middle ground, I just haven’t found it yet.) I have mentioned the insomnia before and she’s had no solutions, but in fairness to her its never been this bad. Anyway long story short, I’m having to resort to the dreaded “very addictive” diazepam for a week. Then maybe increase the ssri dose. Yay more drugs 🙁 can’t believe how much my life has changed…

Positive thinking

Trying to be positive, but its tough. Also trying a LOT of hypnosis apps, hopefully I’ll report back on them at some point soon. See you on the other side, I hope, dear reader. Apologies for all the unanswered messages etc hope you understand.

Wish me luck…and lots of visits from the Sandman. 






  1. Oh my… I sure hope things get better for you soon. <3

    • Thanks sweet lady, me too! if I’m a ‘good girl’ they should do… 😉 plus I’m sure your positive vibes make a difference, thank you xox

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