iOS update 7.1.2 problems.

iOS 7.1.2 don't update

iOS 7.1.2 hell

DO NOT UPDATE your iPhone…

Really. Wait.
*sigh* I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of hanging and freezes on my iPhone, so due to this update being both security and bug fixes I decided to update my iPhone 5.

Firstly there wasn’t enough memory, so I deleted some apps, did a hard reboot (press and hold the home and power buttons until the Apple logo appears.) and tried again. Seemed to go ok…then it rebooted itself and just froze at the Apple logo screen. Did another hard reboot, checked online, the freezing was happening to lots of other people and they all reported that after a hard reboot all was fine. So…I tried again. It froze again. Another hard reboot.
this time, no luck, for the first time ever my phone displays an image of the lead and the iTunes logo. When I connect to my Macbook iTunes tells me that my iPhone is in recovery mode and that it needs to be reset to factory settings…so, goodbye to the 9,000 photos and music etc on my phone.
a happy bunny.20131218-011437.jpg

This just reinforces my all round displeasure with iOS 7.

iOS8 can’t arrive quick enough. Wish I’d never updated from 6. Like I’ve said before this is like going back to Microsoft.


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