Week 23 – Wounded

This week’s image ended up a lot different to how it began. Which demonstrates how much art can reveal about our emotional state.

Abstract iPhoneography


I was listening to this podcast today and Michael Nobbs mentions in it how drawing can be like a form of meditation. It sounds as though making small drawings helped him when he first became ill with M.E. in the same way that my iGadgets are helping me.

I seem to have two ways of winding down for sleep at the moment – one is making treasuries on Etsy (looking at the creations of talented creatives is very inspiring.) the other is ‘playing’ with a photo. I don’t really have the energy to do much, if any, drawing any more. When you draw from life you have to look really really REALLY hard at whatever it is that you’re drawing. I used to say to pupils when teaching art “You have to look at the thing you’re drawing more than you look at your paper.” and I know this will sound odd to non-spoonies, but it’s really tiring to draw what you see rather than what you think you see… So my gadgets give me a creative outlet that only requires a small amount of energy.

The image above began as a mobile photograph of the sun rising behind some trees, taken from my bedroom window. The app that I started with was Photoshop mobile, here are some of the stages.

Mobile art workflow

The images were filtered with Tangled FX as well as going back and forth through PS mobile. I also experimented with Segmentix to blur the details and Glaze to add more texture.

Variations in texture of a mobile art image

I often find a great deal of difficulty in choosing which variation I prefer, and like with anything created there is a need to step back from it for a while and do something else. Coming back to something fresh can often have unexpected result, so I try to remember not to rush to finish anything. After all, for me, the process is in many ways more important than the end result. Here’s how the image looked going from Tangled to Glaze.

Abstract mobile digital art

Glazed wound

I’ve also done some non-digital art this week. My baby steps back to trad art have been triggered by the eCourse I’m doing (only one week left! Boo hoo.) and Michael Nobbs ‘Month of tiny steps.’ My tiny steps were to paint my Dream/Wish box, then the Creative Courage course has me inching my way back to collage – which I used to adore. Here are some very rough/quick photos. (Some of these pieces have been on the go for a very long time.)

Michael’s book arrived today (honestly there are no affiliate links here!) I’ve only flicked through it but it reminds me of ‘Wreck this journal’ by Keri Smith. Or rather the app, I don’t have the book.

Wreck this app iTunes screenshotThe app is good fun – Wreck this app.

A new art book arriving has made me wonder if my tiny steps this month should be to start reading/using the art books I have… 😉




  1. Hi Sandra,
    i LOVE “wounded”! And the stages that show how you got there; Amazing and beautiful ;;; and: wounded! I can see/feel it. Thank you!

    • You’re very kind Christiane 🙂 so pleased that you love it! It was quite healing to ceate, so it’s a wonderful bonus to hear that it’s been able to speak to you. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

    • I love the pictures on your blog – just need to visit when I can use google translate 😉

  2. Gorgeous! And showing your process is so helpful…. Thanks! Kat

    • Thank you! Glad it was helpful 🙂 Let me know if you create anything with the same apps.

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