Week 27 – self portrait


Apologies, I can’t recall the app recipe…I do know that it included;

PS express, Pixlr Express+, Rollage and Scratchcam. Taken with the front iPad camera and apped between phone and pad over a number of days.

Here’s a stage before Rollage.

…and here’s a combo of a few images. Created with FrameArtist.

In other news… 

  • Still waiting for the diet changes to actually help. This week in a desperate attempt to feel better I started taking some Cherry Active tablets. (The juice gives me mouth ulcers.) Cue three nights of hideous insomnia. Yeah, I know, I *always* have sleep problems, but this was a whole new level of misery. Then we bought some pre-marinaded beef to stir fry…but forgot about the soy sauce and possible wheat flour in it. Cue some ‘quality’ time in the bathroom. Answers the question of whether i really am wheat intolerant I guess. Today, the fallout from that continues. Meh.
  • I did manage to drive Mum to the hairdressers, because the snow never stuck. But then a friend called round just as I arrived home, was great to see them, but together with the soy sauce and cherry tablets, I’m even more of a wreck than I was last week. 
  • Working at not being resentful or frustrated, but I’m not managing 100% success with that…
  • Contributed to this Indiegogo campaign –  then I got an email from Crista who had taken the time to hunt me and my art out online… Which prompted me to google ‘sand625’ I found one of my images here, with no link. Plus a website I created three years ago that I’d totally forgotten about…and that was just the first few results. I need to start deleting stuff and tidying up my web ‘presence’. Yeah – add it to the growing (never ending) list.



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