38/52 – Selfie –

Yes I’ve been dyeing my hair again. This time at home the caravan. It’s actually more tiring doing it myself because of the cleanup…wondering what my hairdresser will say.

Here’s a better idea of the colour, though it has of course started to fade already. My pillowcases will be grateful…

Pink hair

Before the first wash… 

~> I decided to live dangerously on Saturday…I went to the Tesco cafe and ate a breakfast and a cup of coffee. Things I shouldn’t have ingested are,
•Sausage (there’ll be have been wheat and gluten in it.)
•Baked beans (tomato sauce is the ’deadly’ nightshade family. This is an almost unique UK thing I know, I missed them when living in the US.)
•Coffee (stomach etc irritant.)
I *think* the egg and bacon will have been ok…but who the heck knows? I was hungry and needed a break – there’s a lot of walking involved when supermarket shopping. Watch this space to learn about payback.*

~> Here’s what’s left after the weekly (sometimes fortnightly depending on hand pain) pill sorting…


Doing this is a necessity, not just from a convenience POV but because otherwise I forget what I’ve taken…having to push the pills out of the foil is hellish and my hands (and other bits) complain during and after.

~> *Payback was/is increased nerve pain in a number of places and headaches. 

~> New avatar?

My new icon


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