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Apps used:
This is sand
Image Blender
20140624-030832-11312799.jpg Here’s the original image created with the very relaxing ‘this is sand’ app.
20140624-031420-11660415.jpg Then I applied a few different ‘Waterlogue’ effects and blended them together using ‘Image Blender’. 20140624-031628-11788147.jpg Then I added a lighting effect with ‘LensLight’. Sadly the ‘WowFX’ app, although ‘HD’ (1700px), is one of those apps that insists on cropping your image into a square… 20140624-031934-11974564.jpg



  1. Joni Giarratano

    Dear Sand…. I love your mountain effects….. Is this technique like a “photo shop” thing? I’d love to learn ! Thanks… Joni in Colorado

    • Hi lovely Joni 🙂
      Sorry to be so awfully tardy in replying 🙁 at first it was due to being in a rural location, now its just a total inability to cope with the heatwave we’re having.
      I started a tutorial, but never managed to finish it and then it git posted before it was ready and I’ve still not managed to finish it, so double apologies!
      As with pretty much everything that gets posted here, it was all done on my iPhone. The apps i’ve been using most regularly are:
      This is sand (theres a web version too, just google it)
      Wow FX
      Photoshop express.
      Hope this helps until i get the tutorial done.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it. <3

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