Keeping cool when the weather is hot.

My internal thermostat is faulty since Fibro hit, and after a life with poor circulation and being permanently cold I’m now over heated most of the time.
…and that was before I hit the hormonal roller coaster that is the menopause.
I mentioned one thing that helps in the previous post, which is Avène spring water spray. (Evian and Vichy both do one too.) in the past I’ve mostly used it to help my eyes during the hayfever season, but it’s wonderful for cooling you down when it’s hot.
I bought mum some plate warmers as part of her birthday present earlier this year,
…and one day when feeling utterly overcome by the heat I spotted them and wondered if the gel would freeze. It does, and having one on my lap really helps to get my body temp down.
Other friends have also recommended;
wetting and freezing a towel/flannel,
keeping a small spray bottle of water in the fridge,
Liz Earle eye bright kept in the fridge helps sore eyes too,
…anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks to Alison and Elaine for ideas 🙂


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