Let it go

Easy to say, hard to do…
How do you let it go?





  1. Roberta

    I first have to assess whether or not “letting it go” is the best thing for me to do or is “handling the issue “properly”” best. and then “what kind of headache should that bring on?

    • True…all depends on what ‘it’ is doesn’t it? Confess i was thinking more of the past, letting how i was go and work on accepting how things are now. What you’re talking about sounds like what we have to do to deal with a worry. Let it go? Or figure out how to deal with it. It is ‘usually’ better to deal with it, then let go 😉
      Sorry for the delay in replying 🙁 I’ve managed to escape to the countryside for a bit and the signal is really weak/patchy. Thanks for reading 🙂 <3

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