Week 24 – Withdrawal

Mobile digital art


Photo of ATCs

A photograph of an acrylic and gouache ATC is how the journey begins…

Then I crop the photo, choosing one painting as a focus.

Then it gets the tangled treatment in the ‘Tangled FX’ app.

Then to ‘Percolator’

Then ‘Glaze’

Then back and forth between Tangled and Glaze.

Then I blend the various results using HDR Fix. Here are a few of the various stages…


Early stages

Workflow 2

Workflow 3

Getting closer

Hdr fix blends

HDR Fix reduces the resolution that Percolator then Glaze increased the cropped image to, so as the image approaches what I want, I put it back through Glaze.

Increasing mobile art resolution

Then a little bit of cropping and rotation, and I decide it’s complete.

with·draw·al  n.
1. The act or process of withdrawing, as:
a. A retreat or retirement.
b. Retreat of a military force in the face of enemy attack or after a defeat.
c. Detachment, as from social or emotional involvement.
d. A removal from a place or position of something that has been deposited.


  1. mh. why can’t i tweet this? anyway.. interesting.. love those cards and colours 🙂 nice yep 🙂

    • Theres a floating toolbar for sharing on the left…but, like with most WP themes you have to be on the posts page to see it
      I figured duplicating the sharing at the bottom of the post as well would be overkill 😉

  2. I love your posting of the stages – this is amazingly arty 😀 The final rendering is beautiful, and I recognise the emotions around withdrawing – inside your art and inside my own life… Beautiful!

    • Thank you 🙂 Not just for your lovely comment (arty eh? Who would have thought that of me! 😉 but also for the awesome card, and the wonderful message inside it, that just arrived. I am so very grateful and moved. Thank you.
      And I LOVE your ‘made by yvonne’ stamp! Its awesome 🙂 Where did you get it from?
      Hope you have a fabulous weekend and that the sun is shining there too xxx

      • Haha, I didn’t mean ‘arty’ as opposed to anything else, I meant there is so MUCH art inside the different stages – not just in the finished work 🙂 For me, my art has three stages: the beginning – not anything quite yet – the incredibly ugly – don’t finish this, it won’t stand up, it will never come together, quit and start over! – stage in the middle, and then the end 😉 I could never ‘sell’ that middle stage for a ‘like’ on FB 😉 I should have said ‘art-filled’ maybe? 🙂
        So good to hear you got my card 🙂 I designed the stamp myself, and got it made through this etsy shop:
        Very reasonably, too 🙂
        Hope you’re doing better, doing well! Hug from NL

        • Awww, you’re so super kind! Thank you 🙂
          One of the joys of digital art is that if you ‘remember’ to save the stages you can at least go back and start over 😉 so some of the fear is gone…
          I feel permanently at that middle stage when creating traditional art (paint n stuff 😉 and am constantly amazed on the occasions when i manage to end up with something others like…and my judgement about what others will like is sooooo bad! But then the act of creating is the important part isn’t it? Not getting hung up on an end result. Digital art and sketchbooks are great for helping with that thank goodness 🙂
          Ooh, an Etsy shop – excellent, thanks lots for the link 🙂
          So far am feeling a little better – but then I am still in bed 😉
          Take care and may your muse be with you xxx

          PS – not left the house since march 1st so CC cards are still waiting to be taken to the post office :p Sorry…

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